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iMessage and FaceTime just got a lot harder to hack

Apple is making iMessage and FaceTime harder to hack by turning on two-step verification on both services in an effort to tighten security for iOS and Mac users. The extra security goes into effect today and gives users an extra layer of…Read more ›

Jony Ive says Apple Watch was much harder to design than the iPhone

Jony Ive has designed someone of the worlds most iconic tech devices, but when it came time to revolutionizing the wrist watch, Ive says it was even more challenging to make than the iPhone. Speaking to an audience at the…Read more ›

How Apple’s smart music tech could push you harder in workouts

If you’re a runner or a gym user, chances are that at some point you’ve put together a workout playlist of some sort, full of the kind of Rocky-esque power ballads you want entering your ears and coursing through your…Read more ›

iOS 8 makes it harder for retailers to track your location without iBeacons

Starting with iOS 8, Apple is making it impossible for marketers to track you based on your iPhone’s MAC address. When you walk around a store with your iPhone’s WiFi on, you’re are unknowingly transmitting your MAC address, a unique identifier for…Read more ›

Google and Apple fight to make it harder for the NSA to take your data

One year on from the Edward Snowden NSA leaks, a group backed by tech companies including Google and Apple, called Reform Government Surveillance, is publishing a letter demanding that the Senate strengthen its NSA reform bill as recently passed through…Read more ›

Daily Productivity Quotes wants you to work smarter and harder

A lot of apps hope to inspire you to improve yourself and focus by offering you words of wisdom from people whose names you recognize. Like that rather stern one up there, which comes courtesy of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Maybe you’ll…Read more ›

Cult of Mac Magazine: Rock Harder With Your Mac

Apple has turned even the most modest weekend strummer into a guitar hero. This week in Cult of Mac Magazine, our games editor and disco band frontman (!) Rob Rob LeFebvre takes you on a magical mystery tour of Garageband’s…Read more ›

Burnin’ Out Your Fuse Out There Alone Is Even Harder Than You Think [Review]

The cosmos has a bunch of ways to kill you, and in Out There, one of them will probably succeed. And it’s just as well, really, because I have it from a reliable source that it’s lonely out in space.…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Jailbreak Hacker Planetbeing: “It’s Likely” Jailbreaking iOS 7 Will Be Harder


planetbeing — the famed hacker who is part of the team behind the latest iOS 6 jailbreak — is now taking part in a Reddit AMA, answering questions posed to him by the community.

Although the AMA has just begun, Planetbeing has already opined on the future of iOS jailbreaking… and he says that while it’s too early to be sure, his belief is that iOS 7 will be a much  [Read More…]