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Grammar haters score a win in text-messaging study

I try to maintain grammatical integrity no matter what I’m typing. But a new study suggests that people may not appreciate that while text messaging, and it’s not just because they think I’m showing off how much gooder I can word. The researchers concluded that texts that end in proper and correct periods come off […]

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Chill, haters — Sorkin says you might like his Steve Jobs flick

Laurene Powell Jobs and Tim Cook have slammed Aaron Sorkins’ upcoming biopic on Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, but according to the Sorkin, they actually might like it, if they ever go see it. Apple CEO Tim Cook has opposed the film by calling out “opportunistic” filmmakers like Sorkin for making movies about Jobs, while Steve’s […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Facebook Messenger update will even let haters use it

The latest update to Facebook’s Messenger app will let you use it even if you don’t have (or want) an account for the social-media platform. It’s still Facebook, though, so you’re going to have to cough up some personal info.…Read more ›

Sorry haters, Apple already owns Apple.sucks domain

Apple sucks! Or at least it does according to its most recent purchase: the domain name Apple.sucks, which the company has shelled out the cash to acquire. Operated by the company Vox Populi, the .sucks suffix will cost users $ 2,499 per year…Read more ›

ICYMI: iPad haters’ initial complaints seem ridiculous 5 years on

This week, Luke details all the ways those original iPad haters were utterly wrong on the fifth anniversary of Apple’s category-busting tablet, Luke has a sneak peek at the stunning mural for a new Apple retail store in Chongqing, China,…Read more ›

iPad haters’ initial complaints seem ridiculous 5 years on

Five years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced the iPad. A giant screen with one button, the iPad represented possibly the purest distillation of Jobs’ tech dreams. Yet at the time it was met with derision. “I got about 800 messages in the last 24…Read more ›

Haters Gonna Hate My Mobile Dream System

mobiledream1I’ve been exploring for months what the ultimate mobile setup would be — my laptop, tablet, phone and other mobile devices — and now I’m starting to put it together. There’s no way around it: The Apple, Android and Windows fanboys are all going to hate my conclusions and barbeque my decisions. Why? Because you’re […]

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Anti-Bullying App Filters Out Haters

A new app aims to help teen bullying victims by allowing parents to filter out profanity, vulgar or threatening language and telegraphic nastiness sent to their kids via text message. Currently available for Android smartphones and coming soon to the iPhone, Word Bully can filter out 3,600 words, acronyms, bulli-cons and hate phrases. Devised for parents or guardians,  [Read More…]