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Short of Samsung, there’s no other company that gets as bad a rap for copying Apple as Xiaomi. The Chinese gadget maker, though, has just beaten Apple to market in at least one category. Although a proper Apple HDTV has… Read more ›

Update: False alarm. As we suggested was a possibility, Philips was misunderstood by a reporter. They are actually just bundling Apple TV’s with new televisions, not building in the hardware. We don’t know exactly what Apple plans on announcing next Thursday, but… Read more ›

In the Mac space, Dutch designer Martin Hajek is the crown prince of concepts, having done some of the most realistic and jawdropping renders we’ve ever seen for the iWatch, Mac Pro, iPhone 6 and more. One product concept we thought Hajek bit the pooch on a little, though, was his idea of what an […]        [Read More…]

It’s hard to think of two analysts as different frome one another as Gene Munster and KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. While Munster has foolishly prattled on, predicting an Apple HDTV set every single year for at least five years…

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NPD DisplaySearch is one of the more reputable sources of supply-chain chatter there is, and they are currently making some bold predictions when it comes to Apple’s future iOS device line-up, from the iPhone 6, Retina MacBook Air, Apple HDTV and iWatch. Not only do they say that Apple is intending on announcing a retina […]

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Audio through HDMI

At work, I use a big Acer monitor connected to my Macbook Air via an HDMI dongle from Moshi and an HDMI cable. For quite some time, I was content with having the sound come out of the Macbook Air, which I have set up just to the left of the big monitor as a second screen.

But the other day, since I have the huge TV in my office,  [Read More…]

This guy really believes that Apple is making a HDTV.

Gene Munster, everyone’s favorite Apple analyst, spoke at Business Insider’s IGNITION Conference today in New York City. One of the topics Munster hit on was the Apple TV. For years, Munster has been one of the biggest proponents of Apple releasing a literal TV. His most recent prediction pushed the product’s announcement to the end of next year, while last year he predicted  [Read More…]

Information about the fabled iTV has been bouncing around the rumor-mill for a few years now. Supposedly, Apple is going to build an HDTV that has a ton of cool features, such as Siri, FaceTime, iTunes Streaming, iCloud and the works. It’s a dream device. Like a big ass iPad you can mount on your wall to watch the series finale of Breaking Bad on.

The iTV was supposed to launch at some  [Read More…]

Sometime in December. That’s Apple HDTV D-Day according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. Munster in a research note published today believes Apple will unveil their HDTV in December, and ship it sometime next year. Munster expects the television to cost between $1,500, and $2,000 and range in size from 42 to 55 inches. CNET made the comment that Munster’s predicted price runs a premium compared to other televisions in the 42 to 55-inch space. However,  [Read More…]

If the latest reports regarding Apple’s yet-to-be-confirmed forthcoming HDTV prove accurate, the still-mythical product could manifest on the assembly lines within the next eight to twelve weeks. The report comes from Peter Misek, Jefferies & Company’s senior Apple analyst, who recently traveled to Asia. In a new note issued to investors this week, Misek is predicting the full-on commercial production of the “iTV” to begin in late spring around May or June. But according to Fortune  [Read More…]