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Tengami has gathered a bit of a following during its development due to its beautiful, pop-up-book art style and zen-like demeanor. It has relaxing music, a dialogue-free narrative, and puzzles that are clever and occasionally very tricky. Tengami by Nyamyam… Read more ›     

Apple is looking to beef up its ads on iTunes Radio and has poached a top radio ad exec in the process as it prepares to open its service to a wider array of advertisers in 2014. Michael Pallad, former… Read more ›     

2013 has been a rocky year for Apple Stock, but it looks like Wall Street might be ending the year bullish on Wall Street, with shares of AAPL closing at an all-time high last night. For those who don’t remember,… Read more ›     

What do you think of Siri? Laughable gimmick, or revolutionary interface of the future? Your answer to that question may well determine how excited you get about this: the engineer who oversaw Siri is now at Samsung, building their own…

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Apple’s New Head Of Retail Is A Watch Lady

Tim Cook revealed in an internal email to employees today that he’s had his sights set on Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts for quite sometime, and while Ahrendts work at Burberry surely won her the spot, new details about Ahrendts suggest…

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This Is What The iPad 5 Will Look Like Head On

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 7.00.30 AMWe’ve known for a long, long time that the fifth-generation iPad would borrow the iPad mini’s design cues and have thinner bezels on the side for a more streamlined form factor. Heck, iLounge’s Jeremy Horowitz said as much as early as January of this year, claiming that the iPad 5 would be “a lot smaller [...]

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It’s been a while since we’ve had a contest here at Cult of Mac, so let’s start the week off with a little bit of fun. We’re looking for a few talented (or not-so talented) readers to voluntarily decapitate themselves and replace their head with an iPad. It’s gruesome and beautiful at the same time, plus we’re giving away five free copies of FX Photo Studio Pro to best entries.

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Windows Phone 8

If you can’t beat ‘em, talk trash.

That’s seems to be the popular sentiment among technologies most powerful companies, and Microsoft’s head executive for Windows Phone has been all too happy to do a little ribbing on Apple and Android lately.

At the All Things D conference yesterday, Terry Myerson,  took to the stage to talk about the future of Windows Phone, but he also took a few shots at  [Read More...]

Video Head: Helmets With Sports Cameras Inside

Why wear a helmet and a camera when you go skateboarding/snowboarding/waterboarding/other? With the Video Head helmet you get both gadgets in one. Cheaper, safer and more -in-one-er.

Now, if you’re jumping out of a plane then you probably want a better helmet and a better camera, but for kids messing around on half-pipes the $ 55 30fps VGA camera will do the trick. Until they try to watch the footage on anything better  [Read More...]

That's some serious Movember, right there.

So, if you’re in the market for a silly, fun little app that will let you mix photos, videos and sound on your iPhone, Artsy Head may be the one to grab. It’s free for the rest of November to celebrate Cyber Monday week as well as the end of Movember. Apparently, one of the fun things folks do with Artsy Head is add mustaches to their  [Read More...]