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Why Apple’s heading toward a ‘zombie iPad’ apocalypse

Yesterday, Apple unveiled the iPad mini 3, a slightly updated version of the second-gen iPad mini with Retina display. But even though it’s two generations old at this point, Apple still sells the original iPad mini for $ 249. That makes…Read more ›

Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Heading To Mac November 15th

screen07Last year, the classic PC Dungeons & Dragons RPG Baldur’s Gate finally made its way to the Mac in an enhanced port put together by Beamdog Entertainment, and from there, the iPad. We were excited about it at the time, but only because it paved the way for Baldur’s Gate II, which to this day […]

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Is Google Now Heading To The Mac?


Google has begun integrating its notification center into Chromium for Mac, paving the way for Google Now for OS X. The Chrome OS feature was first ported to Chromium and then Chrome Canary for Windows back in March, but this is the first time it has been spotted on Mac.

The notification center makes way for Google Now for OS X, and allows Chrome users to receive updates for things like  [Read More…]

After Interning At Apple, JailbreakMe Hacker Comex Heading To Google


Apple’s iOS isn’t customizable like Android. To get to the core of the operating system, very talented hackers have to create what is called a jailbreak. One of the brightest and most prolific minds in the jailbreak scene has been Nicholas Allegra, better known as “comex.” Allegra created JailbreakMe, a web-based jailbreak tool that was used to crack multiple version of iOS throughout the years.

But for the past couple of years,  [Read More…]

Microsoft Office Heading To iOS In Early 2013, Here Are The First Screenshots

Is this Microsoft Office for iOS?

We’ve been hearing that Microsoft has been working on a version of their Office suite specificall for iOS for a while now, but now it appears that the first screenshots have leaked, and it will be coming to the App Store in early 2013.

Following previous, possibly fake leaks last year of what purported to be a build of Microsoft Office for the iPad,  [Read More…]

Apple iWork Guru Roger Rosner Heading Digital Textbooks Project [Report]

As Apples upcoming education event in New York City draws near, more information is leaking out about what to expect. The latest word on the street is that Apple execRoger Rosner is in charge of the companys digital textbooks tools. The Wall Street Journal believes that Apple is set to unveil a new digital textbook service Thursday. As the head of iWork at Apple (Pages, Keynote, and Numbers),Rosner  [Read More…]

Heading to Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade? Theres An App For That [Daily Freebie]

For those of you heading over to gawk at Sonic and the other floats at the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC tomorrow, theres a new tool this year thatll help you make the most of the day thats right, the parade has its own freeiPhone app.   Its App Store description makes it sound indispensable. Seems like every conceivable scrap of information about the event has been siphoned  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview is Heading to a Theater Near You

Steve Jobs will be making an appearance on the sliver screen, and were not talking about the biopic that Sony is backing. Missing footage from the1995 PBS documentaryTriumph of the Nerds features an interview with Steve Jobs during a pivotal time in Silicon Valleys history. The interview was apparently lost for many years, and it has now resurfaced to be shown in Landmark theaters around the nationbeginning November  [Read More…]

Top Gaming PR Executives Heading to Apple

Click the image to open in full size. Rumor has it that top PR executives from Activision and Nintendo are heading over to Apple according to a new report coming out of MVC. Apple clearly intends to focus more attention on the merits of iOS gaming with these new hires. Rob Saunders, the head of PR at Nintendo UK, will shortly be joining Apple to focus on PR for the iPhone, iPod Touch and  [Read More…]