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Netflix almost went head-to-head with the Apple TV

Here’s an amazing factoid: Netflix almost went head-to-head with the Apple TV in 2007, until they realized they were about to pick a fight they would surely lose. Netflix alumni Barry Enderwick has just dropped a bombshell about the streaming video service’s hardware ambitions about a decade ago. According to Enderwick, Netflix realized that it’s […]

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Samsung Pay goes head-to-head with Apple Pay this September

Samsung’s new phablets aren’t the only thing we got out of its Unpacked event in New York City today; the South Korean company also announced a launch date for its new mobile payments service. Samsung Pay will be coming to take on Apple Pay in the U.S. this September. Samsung Pay is a lot like […][Read More…]

iPad drummer goes head-to-head with old-school skin-pounder

If you close your eyes, the iPad drummer known as Appleman sounds like he is tearing up a real set of skins. What you see in his YouTube videos where he covers the drumming parts of rock classics, like Marilyn Manson’s Beautiful People, contradicts what the ears hear. But how would he do up against […][Read More…]

Facebook’s new messaging app will go head-to-head with Snapchat

Facebook vs. Snapchat: round 2… fight! After turning down a $ 3 billion acquisition offer late last year, Facebook is reportedly working on out-Snapchatting Snapchat with a new video messaging app, referred to internally as “Slingshot.” The service — which lets…Read more ›

Doodle Jump Race Combines Classic Doodle With Head-To-Head Racing [Video Review]

The hit game Doodle Jump was one of the first and most popular games to hit iOS in 2009. Since then many updates have been made to the app enhancing and continuing its platform hopping and monster obliterating gameplay. Just…Read more ›

Word Monsters Is New Head-To-Head Word Puzzler From Angry Birds Developers [Video Review]

The hit bird slinging game Angry Birds has found its way on devices everywhere. While the Angry Birds series has brought developing company Rovio so much popularity, their branch company Rovio Stars aims to share the spotlight. The newest application…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Addictive iOS Puzzler Dots Adds Head-To-Head Challenge Mode

Ultra-addictive iOS game Dots has just received a major update, adding a significant new feature. Called “Challenge Mode,” the addition circumvents the hassle of taking screenshots of individual dots counts — or else comparing scores via social media — by…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Every iPhone Ever Goes Head-To-Head In A Speed Test [Video]

At this point, there have been eight iPhones, and with the exception of this year’s iPhone 5c, each has a faster chip and more all around chutzpah than the model that precedes it. You’d naturally think, then, that if you lined them all up in a row and ran a speed test on them, each […]

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Amazon Will Go Head-To-Head Against Apple TV With New Kindle Box [Report]


Amazon is reportedly ready to take on the likes of the Apple TV and Roku with a set-top box of its own, presumably some sort of Kindle Box.

Accordng to Business Week, Amazon is going to introduce a Kindle TV set-top box this fall that will deeply integrate the e-commerce behemoth’s Video on Demand Store, and its Instant Video service available to Amazon Prime subscribers.

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