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Here’s an app to keep your hard drive humming and healthy [Deals]

If your hard drive takes a dive, it takes your computer along with it. Drive Genius 4 is an ideal and easy way to make sure your hard is running at peak performance, spotting potential problems early and even bringing it back from the dead in the event of a crash. Today you can get […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Track Calories And Get Healthy In 2014 With The NutriCrystal Smart Kitchen Scale [Deals]

It’s time to take your diet from digital to delightfully simple. ReFleX NutriCrystal is a Bluetooh enabled, glass-top kitchen scale to help you track calorie intake and reach your healthy eating goals. And Cult of Mac Deals has it right…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Instagram Is Healthy And Growing With 90 Million Active Users Who Upload 40 Million Pics Per Day


Instagram has generated quite a bit of negative press in recent weeks since the Facebook-owned photography app updated its terms and conditions with some hairy verbiage regarding content ownership. Things have died down more recently since Instagram clarified its policies regarding how users’ photos can be used in advertisements.

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Go on a Diet & Get Healthy with Siri

Find the number of Calories in food, from Siri

The next time you’re wondering how many grams of sugar are in that donut and if it’s going to cut into your allotted daily calorie intake of junk food, just pull out your iPhone or iPad and ask Siri. Thanks to Siri’s ability to tap into the wealth of knowledge at Wolfram Alpha, you can use Siri to retrieve detailed dietary information.

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