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Dolphin saves Miami Heat dancer’s iPhone from the bottom of the sea

Apple may be working to make its iPhones more waterproof than ever, but that doesn’t help much if your handset gets accidentally dropped into the ocean. That’s what happened to Miami Heat dancer Teresa Cee, who recently lost her iPhone while diving with dolphins in the Bahamas. Fortunately, one friendly dolphin apparently outed itself as […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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How baking your MacBook Pro could solve persistent heat issues

Reading that someone decided to put their MacBook Pro in the oven and then set about drilling holes in it sounds like one of those inane YouTube videos showing someone destroying a perfectly good computer for no reason whatsoever. For iFixit…Read more ›

Measure gases, light, heat and much more with the Sensordrone Bluetooth Sensor [Deals]

In Star Trek, the crew of the Enterprise would routinely beam down to a planet, pull out their trusty tricorders and scan the environment for a multitude of different things, like gas levels and air quality. Now you can have…Read more ›

Early 2011 MacBook Pros Are Dropping Like Flies, Heat Issues To Blame

If you have a 20011 MacBook Pro that is wonking out like it was haunted by a Japanese ghost, you’re not the only one. It appears that a massive number of early-2011 MacBook Pro owners with AMD graphics are having…Read more ›    [Read More…]

WSJ: Apple’s PR Is Starting To Feel The Heat

One Infinite Loop

Apple is unlike any other company in the world when it comes to press relations. Most companies have to beg for coverage and shower journalists with free trips and gear, but Apple is known for giving a notoriously cold shoulder to the vast majority of publications. If you’re not on the shortlist, then you get no help from PR and certainly no sneak peaks at future products.

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Solution to the iPad 3 Heat Problem [Humor]

iPad 3 in the snow If your iPad 3 is getting too hot to handle, the solution is to use the iPad outdoors in three feet of snow. Three feet of snow is required because there is a direct correlation between the iPad generation and the amount of snow required to cool the device, thus iPad 3 requires 3 feet of snow. For those of you who dont have access to  [Read More…]

Occupy App Store! U.S. Government Wasted $200,000 On Buggy, Worthless Heat Safety App

The U.S. Government isnt exactly known for smart spending, but at least that $ 10,000 hammer actually works. Thats more than the Department of Labor can say after they blew almost $ 200,000 on an utterly crappy app for the iPhone and Android.   The app in question is the OSHA Heat Safety Tool, available for free from the App Store. The stated goal of the app is to give  [Read More…]