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Did Tim Cook deliver? CoM says ‘Heck yeah’ on CNBC

There are a lot of Apple skeptics out there. CNBC thinks the new iPhone 6 models are nothing special, and diss the Apple Watch because it doesn’t work with Android. Watch Cult of Mac editor and publisher Leander Kahney set…Read more ›

Item TrackR Finds Your Lost Bluetooth Headset, Your Car Keys or Heck, Even Your Car [Daily Freebie]


There’s nothing quite like hunting for something misplaced to drive one crazy. If you’ve ever lost a set of keys or Bluetooth headset under a couch pillow, you know exactly what I’m talking about. And if just the thought of a scenario like that triggers a burst of panic, you’ll want to pay close attention here — because Item TrackR just might keep you from losing more stuff, along with your  [Read More…]

iLuv Cant Remember What The Heck They Called This iPad Speaker Case [CES 2012]

Despite having named it, iLuv’s Jack Raplee has no idea what this iPad speaker case is actually called.

  LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 This is iLuvs Jack Raplee. Hes a super nice and earnest guy who I took an instant shine to. The product hes holding up is iLuvs bluetooth equipped iPad speaker case, and it caught my interest  [Read More…]

The Heck With Waiting For CES, Says Logitech, Were Releasing Our New Goodies Right Now!

Logitech isnt waiting for CES next week; instead, the gadget giant is releasing two new products today one of which raised eyebrows here. The first is the Logitech Cube(thats it above), a mouse in the shape of a rectangle. Huh? Yeah, thats what we thought too. Then the questions began. Why does it look like a brick of ice? Hasnt the mouse evolved over hundreds (ok, maybe dozens) of  [Read More…]