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“Hello Again” Apple Event Set for October 27, New Macs Expected

Apple has scheduled a press event for October 27. The event is titled “hello again” and presumed focus will be on the introduction of new Macs. Anyone will be able to watch the “hello again” event live on Thursday, October 27 at 10 AM PST at Apple’s Special Events website here. Viewing the keynote lifestream … Read More

Adele may say goodbye to Spotify, hello to Apple Music

Spotify’s freemium service is about cause the company to lose out on another superstar album, according to a new rumor claiming Adele may remove her upcoming album, 25, from the Apple Music rival. Beyonce and Taylor Swift also famously shunned the music service when they released their most recent albums.  The Verge reports that Adele’s team […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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So long Google TV support, hello new Android TV partners

Aww, Google TV. We barely knew you existed. Google officially stopped supporting Google TV today with a post on Google Plus Tuesday telling developers for the rarely-used platform that support would focus on Android TV from now on. “Existing Google…Read more ›

Evernote Hello For iPhone Gets Passcode Lock, Flash Control & More


Evernote Hello, the iPhone app that makes it easy to remember the people you meet, has been updated with a number of new features. The app now has a passcode lock option, making it more secure, and a number of improvements have been made to business card scanning, including the ability to control your camera’s flash.

For those unfamiliar with the app, Evernote Hello is like an advanced address book. It’s  [Read More…]

Hello, Google – Route Around Apple Maps Using Transit Option On Your iPhone [iOS Tips]


Personally, I’ve never had a problem with Apple Maps in its current iOS 6 incarnation, but many people have. Now that Google Maps is out for iOS, though, there’s an easy way to get around using Apple Maps, using the transit option.

Here’s how.

Since Apple Maps doesn’t have a public transit option, the app sends you to a special App Store page that lets you use any routing or  [Read More…]

Goodbye Pinterest, Hello Pornterest: Keep Your Fetishes Private With Pinterest’s New Secret Boards

After being bombarded with requests, Pinterest is finally going to allow users to create private boards. Pinterest is calling them “Secret Boards” and rolling them out in hopes that users will use them to create their holiday shopping lists. I’d call that wishful thinking, since we all know what those “Secret Boards” are really going to be used for.

Fetishes aside, these newly introduced Secret Boards are accessible from both the  [Read More…]

So Long Windows Messenger, Hello Skype – Microsoft Confirms Migration By Q1 2013


Microsoft announced today on the official Skype blog that all Messenger users will be using Skype soon to connect with each other via instant message or video call. Microsoft released Skype 6.0 a few weeks ago, which already lets users sign into Skype via their Microsoft account. ONce they do so, their Messenger contacts are there, ready to use.

“Our goal remains to deliver the best communications experience for  [Read More…]

Apple Unveils New OS, Say Hello to OS X Mountain Lion

Who won the MMi pool predicting Mountain Lion as the next big Apple cat? Apple stealth-bombed the tech world this morning and announced the next version of Apples OSX operating system. Say hello to OS X Mountain Lion. Mountain Lion (is it bad I keep laughing) will integrate more iOS features into Apples desktop OS including Reminders, a desktop Notification Center, Notes, the Game Center, and finally Messages which integrates iMessage across all Apples platforms.  [Read More…]

Say Hello To The iPhone 4S [Image Gallery]

4s three Here it is folks. The new iPhone 4S. Although apple.com is struggling under the load right now, weve managed to grab some images for you. More as soon as we can get them.   4s blackandwhite 4s base So. Externally, it all  [Read More…]

Hello World! – Joshua Tucker

Click the image to open in full size. As a newly recruited writer for ModMyi, I wanted to formally introduce myself so you can get to know me and start getting prepared for the awesome posts I have in store for you! My goal is to make my posts as enjoyable, informational, and well worth your read as much as possible. Obviously, I have to gain that trust so let me start off on  [Read More…]