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How App Store reviews can help indie developers

Customer reviews on the App Store are good for business. It’s not just that good reviews can improve your app’s ranking. Reviews have also helped me build a better app. But with all the fake reviews and haters out there,… Read more ›

India: We can help Apple build better products

After China, India is the next big developing market Apple wants to conquer — and apparently the Indian government couldn’t be happier about it. Meeting with Apple’s regulatory head for Europe, Middle East, India and Africa on Friday, India’s Communications and… Read more ›

Can Apple Watch really help you get fit?

With Apple Watch about to become a reality, recent reports have questioned the benefits of fitness trackers, highlighting their inaccuracy and even claiming they make you fat. So can wearables like Apple Watch really help you get fit? From my… Read more ›

Apple acquires big data company to help improve iCloud

Rightly or wrongly, iCloud is one of Apple’s most regularly criticized products (speaking personally, I’ve never had any major problems with it, but I use Google’s rival service far more.) It seems that Apple is more than aware of the… Read more ›

There are millions of asteroids in the Solar System and relatively few astronomers to track them. They’d hate to miss that one dangerous rogue headed on a collision course with Earth. So NASA has made it easier for the amateur… Read more ›

One of the most difficult decisions you will need to make when choosing an Apple Watch is which case size to go for. But the Apple Store app for iPhone hopes to make the process easier by displaying both the 38mm and… Read more ›

Have you ever had the experience where an iPhone is suddenly not ringing on incoming calls, or making any sounds when a new message arrives? The mute button isn’t turned on, so what on earth is going on, right? This is surprisingly common experience for those who are more novice iPhone users, and after troubleshooting … Read More

If you’re a Pinterest user with an eye on app discovery, Apple has the perfect deal for you. Both companies have just announced a partnership to create “App Pins,” allowing users to install iOS app without having to leave the… Read more ›

You can help speed Sonic 3 onto iOS

Anyone who enjoys old-school games will most likely have experienced the crushing disappointment of finding a favorite title in the iOS App Store — only to discover that whichever company that ported it over took no care whatsoever in doing… Read more ›

8 apps that will help you survive Snowmageddon 2015

The biggest snow storm to ever hit New York City is pounding the Northeast today and it doesn’t look like the blizzard is going to let up anytime soon. More than two feet of snow are expected to hit the… Read more ›