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Apple had a different stance on helping the FBI in 2008

Here in 2016, Apple may be at odds with the FBI on the subject of iPhone unlocking — but things weren’t always that way! According to a new report, when the FBI first asked Apple to help it unlock an iPhone, way back in 2008, Apple didn’t just comply with the order; it actually helped […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Forget helping the FBI, Apple is making security even tighter

Apple is doubling down on its beliefs about user privacy, by working on a new encryption method that will mean it can no longer decode user information stored in iCloud. While Apple has steadfastly refused to create an iPhone backdoor during the current case concerning the phone belonging to one of the suspected terrorists in […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple credits Pangu jailbreakers for helping make iOS 8.1.1 even more secure

The only time Apple publicly acknowledges the jailbreak community is when, semi-tauntingly, it lists the people responsible for finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in iOS that have now been patched. In the aftermath of its just-released iOS 8.1.1 update, Apple adds…Read more ›

HealthKit is already helping top hospitals fight cancer, diabetes

  iOS 8′s HealthKit is already starting to change the way health researchers track patients’ wellness even though it hasn’t been released, as two of the country’s top research hospitals have launched HealthKit trials to track diabetics and patients with cancer and chronic…Read more ›

Swatch: We aren’t helping Apple make any iWatches

Rumors that Apple might bring fun faces to the iWatch thanks to a partnership with Swatch have already been shot down, after the Swiss watchmaker denied a report claiming it and other watchmakers were helping Apple create a diverse lineup…Read more ›

Tweetie And Letterpress Creator Loren Brichter Helping Design Team At Facebook


What’s this guy up to at Facebook?

Loren Brichter is somewhat of a rockstar in the iOS app developer community. The Wall Street Journal has called him the “High Priest of App Design.” If you don’t know Brichter by name, you know him by his work: Tweetie and Letterpress.

Twitter bought Tweetie and turned it into the official Twitter app for iPhone and iPad. Letterpress is a hit word game Brichter created  [Read More…]

Streaming Apps Like Spotify And Rdio Are Helping Kill Music Piracy


Want to hear a good argument for the possibility of Apple launching an iRadio service? According to a couple ofnew report, 2012 is the first time since 1999 that piracy is down, and the music industry has actually grown. And music streaming services like Rdio and Spotify can take all the credit.

The first report is by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, which says that the global recorded  [Read More…]

Shockbox Impact Sensor: Helping Fight Concussions One Hit At A Time

As long as sports have existed, so have sports-related injuries. One injury in particular that has managed to capture the spotlight over recent years, is of course, the concussion. Head injuries, particularly concussions, have become a serious issue in both professional and youth sports.

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that is caused when a blow to the head or body causes the brain to move rapidly  [Read More…]

MLB: We Want To Stop Selling Printed Tickets, And Apple’s Passbook Is Helping Us Get There

Passbook may not have the most comprehensive catalog of partners yet, but that doesn’t mean Apple’s digital wallet isn’t working for those who have hopped on the bandwagon.

Major League Baseball has been thrilled with the success of Passbook. After integrating with the iOS 6 service only a couple weeks ago, MLB is already seeing 12% of its e-ticket buyers opt for using digital passes on their iPhones.

According to MarketWatch:

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Waiting For FDA Approval For Humans, This iPhone Heart Monitor Is Helping Pets Instead [Video]

AliveCor’s Veterinary Heart Monitor for the iPhone helps vets diagnose heart disease in dogs, cats, and horses.

What do you do if you’re a medical technology startup while waiting for the FDA to approve your flagship iPhone-based product?

If you’re AliveCor, you launch a veterinary version of it.

The product in question is AliveCor’s iPhone ECG heart monitor, which the company showed off nearly two years ago, at the CES in 2011.  [Read More…]