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Your iPhone 5 Pre-Order Says “Preparing for Shipment”? Here’s How to Track It Anyway

iPhone 5 preparing for shipment

If your iPhone 5 pre-ordered through Apple still says “Preparing for Shipment” and it’s making you anxious, worry not, it has probably already shipped but Apple’s Order Status page just hasn’t updated yet. In fact, you can start tracking the iPhone right now even though Apple’s order page doesn’t provide a tracking number yet, here’s how:

Go to the UPS Tracking webpage and click “Track By  [Read More…]

Here’s What Apple’s iPhone 5 Packaging Looks Like [Unboxing]

Behold the box in all of its glory.

BGR got its hands on an early iPhone 5 unit, and now the first shots of the device’s unboxing are out for everyone to gawk at. Apple is sticking to the classic black outer design for the box itself, and the internal packaging reveals the new EarPods, wall charger, and Lightning cable.

Sadly, there is no  [Read More…]

Which iPhone 5 To Buy? Get The 16GB On Verizon In Black. Here’s Why

Can’t decided which iPhone 5 to buy? Your best bet is probably Verizon.

Preorders for the iPhone 5 start tomorrow, so it’s time to consider which model you’re going to drop your hard-earned cash on.

There are several things to consider when purchasing a new iPhone. The iPhone 5 you buy depends on your carrier preference, storage requirements, and most importantly, how much you’re willing to spend.

Still, at the end of the  [Read More…]

Here’s The First Comparison Of A Picture Taken With The iPhone 5 And The iPhone 4S

Apple didn’t release any side-by-side comparisons of the iPhone 5′s image quality next to the iPhone 4S, and we won’t see direct comparisons until reviews hit the web closer to the iPhone 5 launch date. However, Scott Everett noticed that Apple used a picture of Big Sur in their iPhone 5 photos gallery that was nearly identical to one he took recently with his iPhone 4S, giving us our first direct comparison of  [Read More…]

Here’s What Folks On Google+ Had To Say About Apple’s iPhone 5 Announcement

What did the fine folk on Google+ have to say about Apple’s iPhone 5 announcement? Well, you can see for yourselves by clicking HERE. Unfortunately our thumbnails don’t go beyond 640X400 on the site so I had to host it over on Google+ of course. As can be expected, initial impressions were not flattering, but then again, neither was Apple’s keynote *rimshot*. What about the rest of you, what are your  [Read More…]

Here’s How To Unlock 43 Amazing Wallpapers Hidden In OS X Mountain Lion

OS X Mountain Lion comes with 35 great wallpapers pre-installed, but what if that’s not enough to satisfy your computer’s cravings for more cosmic landscapes and jaw-dropping scenery straight out of National Geographics? Some of use need more. Like, at least 43 more.

Apple actually includes 43 incredible wallpapers with a 3200×2000 resolution that are hidden inside OS X Mountain Lion. They include stuff like scenery from National Geographics, nature patterns,  [Read More…]

iPhone Camera Slow to Open? Here’s How to Fix That

If iPhone Camera Slow to Open, Fix it By Clearing your Camera Roll Photos

When you’re stuck staring at the grey lens shutter graphic for 5 to 10 seconds before you can even take a picture, you’ve likely already missed the shot you were hoping to get. Obviously the quickest way to access the iPhone camera is using the lock screen camera swipe instead of manually launching the Camera app, but what  [Read More…]

Java 7 Security Vulnerability Discovered, Here’s How To Protect Yourself

Java Security Problem

A new potentially dangerous Java security vulnerability has been discovered that could allow malicious code to run on a Java-enabled computer, be it a Mac or Windows PC. Most Mac users will be safe from the vulnerability because OS X Mountain Lion does not include Java by default, and OS X Lion includes an older version of Java that is not vulnerable to the exploit. That said, if  [Read More…]

Here’s What The iPhone 5 Looks Like With Some Of Its Parts Assembled

As iPhone 5 repair parts have slowly leaked in over the past few weeks, a few people have quitely gathered and assembled them to see what the finished product might look like when Apple announces it on September 12.

iResQ just posted a gallery of all the parts they have so far, and how they look when assembled, so that we can get a good idea of what the iPhone 5  [Read More…]

Here’s A List Of All The Samsung Products Apple Wants To Ban

Apple just won their trial against Samsung on Friday, but they aren’t wasting any time listing the Samsung products that they will seek to have banned in the US. It looks like Apple is only going after eight phones, including the popular Galaxy S II.

Here are all the phones currently on the list:

Galaxy S 4G Galaxy S2 (AT&T) Galaxy S2 (Skyrocket) Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile) Galaxy S2 Epic 4G  [Read More…]