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Massive LEGO Star Wars ship destroyed in high-def slo-mo

16 hours to make, mere seconds to destroy this huge LEGO model of Darth Vader’s Super Star Destroyer from Return of the Jedi. If there’s anything more symptomatic of our consumer culture — aside from the iPhone and Apple Watch…Read more ›

Jay Z takes aim at Dr. Dre with his own high-def music streamer

Dr. Dre became the first billionaire of hip-hop thanks to Apple’s $ 3 billion acquisition of Beats Music and its accompanying over-priced headphone brand. Jay Z is pretty much the only big name rapper that hasn’t imitated Dre by slapped his…Read more ›

Win a high-def action cam with The GoPro Hero4 Black Giveaway [Deals]

If you seek adventure at life’s every turn, then you need an action cam to capture your exciting exploits as they unfold. But not just any action cam will do. You are going to want the best action cam money…Read more ›

Shoot crazy extreme 4K video in ultra high-def with GoPro Hero4

“Life is either an incredible adventure,” says the Aussie-tinged voice over for this new GoPro 4 trailer, “or it’s nothing at all.” So when you’re next diving with orcas, racing extremely modified cars in Japan, or just chillin’ at the…Read more ›

Capture epic feats of gaming in all their high-def glory

When you’re gaming on a new-generation console like the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you’ll be astounded by the crystal-clear graphics and the silky-smooth 60 frames per second animations. If you want to share this video at its native resolution,…Read more ›

High-def audio coming to iOS 8 alongside new EarPods

As if the reported $ 3.2 billion Beats deal isn’t enough evidence, Apple seems to be quite big on this “music” thing. According to new reports, Apple will introduce high definition audio playback in iOS 8, alongside new versions of its…Read more ›

Niel Young Claims Late Steve Jobs Worked On High-Def Audio Format

Niel Young, yes that Niel Young, claimed today that Apple was working on a new super high-def music format. In an interview with All Things D at the Dive Into Media conference today, Young claimed that he was working with the late Steve Jobs on a project that would bring studio-quality music to the digital download world. Young talked down MP3’s claiming they have “five percent of the data present in the original recording,” and Apple  [Read More…]