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CARROT Fit’s new punishments make for an hilariously cruel fitness app

With both iOS 8 and the iPhone 6 family of devices finally out, developer Brian Mueller has released an upgrade for his excellent CARROT Fit app, adding “a shiny new update to go with your shiny new operating system.” For those…Read more ›

This Hilariously Bizarre Video About Tech-Loaded Boddie Smartwatch is Either Brilliant or Crazy

boddie-1  I know — if you see another @&#%$ post about a smartphone watch, you’re going to run screaming though the streets tearing out your hair. But bear with me, because this one’s different — and it’s got more tech packed into it than an entire region of Best Buys. Your first inkling that there’s […]

The post This Hilariously Bizarre Video About Tech-Loaded Boddie Smartwatch is Either Brilliant or Crazy  [Read More…]

Funny Or Die’s “iSteve” Movie Looks Like A Hilariously Inaccurate Jobs Biopic

Justin Long is iSteve.

Justin Long is iSteve.

Earlier this month, Funny or Die released a trailer for its upcoming comedy about Steve Jobs, iSteve. Starring Justin Long from Apple’s own Mac vs. PC ads, the movie is set to debut online Monday, April 15th. Unlike Ashton Kutcher’s JOBS biopic, iSteve is an intentional parody of Apple lore.

The movie is written and directed by Ryan Perez, a former Saturday Night Live writer who  [Read More…]

The Daily Show Hilariously Skewers Predatory Freemium Game Makers [Humor]

Here at Cult of Mac, weve got our own axe-to-grind against freemium App Store games that try to get kids to max out their daddys credit cards with expensive in-app purchases, so its nice to see The Daily Show take freemium game makers to town in an absolutely hilarious, spot-on segment that shows how scummy these waters of the App Store can really be.   The report is by Daily Show correspondent Aasiv Mandvi, who reports primarily on a game  [Read More…]