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Hipstamatic lets rectangles be hip, too

Hipstamatic, the go-to photo app for discerning iPhone photographers, rolled out an expansive update today that lets hipness venture outside the square. In conjunction with the availability of the new iPhone 6s and its 12-megapixel camera, Hipstamatic 300 is free for a limited time and features a ProMode for greater control, a darkroom suite with […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Delayed gratification is key feature of new Hipstamatic photo app

Many smartphone photographers use Hipstamatic as a way to articulate their personal vision. But the quest for beautiful photos need not be so solitary. The iPhone app that lets you apply a vintage aesthetic from any era of photography now… Read more ›

Hipstamatic gives news shooter fresh eye for Chicago streets

When photojournalist Scott Strazzante planned a weekend trip to Washington, D.C., with his daughter Betsy in 2011, he was intent on leaving his cameras at home. They were visiting colleges and he wanted it to be a “daddy-daughter” weekend. But… Read more ›

Hipstamatic Is Trying To Rebrand Itself As “Oggl,” A Paid Photo Sharing Service

Remember Hipstamatic? Maybe you aren't hipster enough.

Remember Hipstamatic? Maybe you aren’t hipster enough.

Before the 100+-million-user-giant that is Instagram, Hipstamtic was all the rage. No really, like totally. It was one of the first iPhone apps that helped popularize the retro filter look before Instagram stole the show.

Hipstamtic still exists believe it or not, and later this week it will be re-branded as “Oggl,” a paid, subscription-based photo sharing network for  [Read More…]

Three Months After Firing Much of Its Staff, Hipstamatic Releases Gangster-Themed FreePak

The jury’s still out on what effect the firing in August of some key players at Hipstamatic will have on the app itself — but the toy-camera simulator is still pumping out the FreePaks, those cute virtual lens-and-film pairings that often tie in with some pop-culture reference. This time it’s based off the star-stuffed Gangster Squad flick, set to be released early next year. Oh, and they’re giving away a Canon 5D  [Read More…]

Hipstamatic Update Has Some Rad New Features, Now iPhone 5 Retina Display Ready

The Hipstamatic folks sent us word that their new 260 update is here, with some rad new features, like Multiple Exposures, Rock the Vote free films, a new switch for the flash, and fully iOS 6 and iPhone 5 capabilities – no more letterboxing.

You can now create double exposure (or triple or quadruple) to spice up your photographic styles. It’s available as a $ 0.99 in-app purchase, and should let you  [Read More…]

Hipstamatic Offers Incredibooth App Free This Weekend [Daily Freebie]

Snap your Halloween party pics right by taking photobooth-style shots from your iPhone with Hipstamatic�s Incredibooth � offered free over the weekend. What�s in store? Haus O� Haunt Booth�(requires iOS 5) promises �three ghostly effects.� (By my book that�s pretty much anyone in full costume, face paint and a few beers, but your mileage may vary.) Then there�s an Isoblak Booth (�Go monochrome or go home�) and Crown Colour Booth �  [Read More…]

Limited Edition Hipstamatic Lens Sheds Fashionable Light on Good Cause

Through the lens of Guy Aroch.

  The folks over at Hipstamatic sent either the best or the worst email subject line, ever. It announced� �We Heart Boobies GoodPak,�� presumably touting a limited-edition lens of the photo app for October. (Spam filters everywhere are convinced it�s an advert for a new porn toy. But of course we opened it anyway.)

The  [Read More…]