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Woz says Apple would never hire him or Steve Jobs today

Steve Wozniak thinks he and co-founder Steve Jobs could never have found employment at the company they created together, had they been in their twenties in 2015. “I look at the experience and education levels you need to get a…Read more ›

Apple’s new hire set to lead enterprise push like never before

Apple is serious about getting its products into the enterprise market — and to prove it, it’s calling in the services of longtime Hewlett-Packard executive John Solomon to take charge. Solomon’s precise job title and role at Apple are unclear,…Read more ›

Apple creates enough jobs in Europe to hire all of Glasgow

When it comes to expanding into new markets, or being enjoyed by customers all over the world, Apple is the definition of a multinational company. It also makes a whole lot of money for people around the globe, as it…Read more ›

Who should Apple hire as a ‘thought leader’?

Apple is looking to hire a thought leader. While the actual job listing — blah blah blah “execution of critical sale reporting projects” blah blah blah — sounds about as exciting as a new ink cartridge, the idea of a…Read more ›

Apple makes another environmental hire in quest for renewable energy

Apple has made another interesting hire in the form of Bobby Hollis, a former vice president of NV Energy who will serve as the company’s new Senior Renewable Energy Manager. The appointment took place earlier this year, while Hollis took…Read more ›

Hitman GO Takes The Bloody Mess Out of Murder For Hire [Review]

The Hitman series has always alternated between vicious and silly, with a stern protagonist who will wear any kind of ridiculous costume, from ice-cream man to Mardi Gras costume, in order to murder his target. Hitman GO, a new turn-based…Read more ›

Apple Refusing To Hire New Retail Chief From Within, But What About Ron Johnson?

Apple-Store-bellevue-floodApple has been without a head of retail for nearly a year. Since John Browett was hired and quickly fired last year, Tim Cook has been in charge of the company’s retail operations. Apple has made it clear that it’s on the hunt for a new executive to fill the role, but there hasn’t been […]

The post Apple Refusing To Hire New Retail Chief From Within, But What About Ron  [Read More…]

Microsoft Needs To Hire Jonathan Ive–The XBox One Is Just Plain Fugly

Where do I put the betamax?

Where do I put the betamax?

Ok, so if you’ve been paying attention to the gaming space today, you’ll know that Microsoft unveiled its new gaming console, the XBox One. This next generation console is going to play video games, control your TV (sort of), and act as a DVD/Blue-Ray player. It’s got a Kinect motion sensor box on top, which can not be disconnected and it  [Read More…]

Former Apple CEO John Sculley: Samsung Should Hire Ex-Apple Retail Chief Ron Johnson


Now that former Apple retail chief Ron Johnson has been fired from his CEO gig at JC Penney, there’s a lot of talk about whether or not the man who created the juggernaut of Apple’s retail experience will return to Cupertino, to fill the very role he vacated back in 2010.

In an interview with Bloomberg, former Apple CEO John Sculley was asked about what Ron Johnson should do now.  [Read More…]

Foxconn’s Freezing Hires In China To Hire More Workers In Other Countries


There have been a lot of theories floated for why Foxconn froze new hires earlier this month. Early rumors suggested that iPhone 5 production had slowed, while later reports said that Apple’s new measures to improve working conditions had caused fewer workers than usual to abandon their posts over Chinese New Year.

Now there’s a new theory: Foxconn’s getting out of China, at least in part.

Quoth the always eyebrow-arching  [Read More…]