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How to Access & Search Safari History on Mac

Just about all modern web browsers default to maintaining a history log of your web browsing activity, and Safari for Mac is no different. This article will focus on how to access your Safari history on the Mac, and also how to search Safari browsing history for specific words, terms, and matches. Accessing and searching … Read More

The pivotal moments in Apple’s 40-year history, this week on The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: we look into the past at some of the most pivotal moments in Apple’s 40-year history. Plus: why the iPhone 7 Plus may be your only choice for dual cameras; what it’s like downsizing from the iPhone 6s to the SE; and we pitch our favorite new tech and vote […]

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Fighting Apple was FBI’s biggest PR disaster in history

The FBI’s case against Apple may be over, but the repercussions involved in this battle sure aren’t. Apple has already made clear its belief that this particular case should never have been brought, and now activist group Fight for the Future — which has played a vocal role in this ongoing story — claims that […]

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How to Clear Instagram Search History

As Instagram continues to grow with pictures of just about anything imaginable, you may find yourself browsing and searching for photos of, well, anything. Instagram keeps track of the searches you make in the app, and when you return to the search tab and search field, you’ll find your prior search history is visible. That’s … Read More

You could own 4,096 bits of space history when computer chip goes up for auction

A memory chip that originated from the first digital computer on a manned space flight will be up for auction next month in Dallas. For those calling in a bid, the smartphone in their hand has more than 250 million times the capacity of this chip. The onboard computer for Gemini 3 aided astronauts Gus […]

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Apple cleans up the App Store after biggest security lapse in history

Apple is removing hundreds of apps from the App Store after discovering that they contain a malicious program called XcodeGhost. In the entire lifespan of the App Store, Apple has only previously found five malicious apps — making this easily the single biggest security lapse in App Store history. Apple has declined to say exactly […]

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Find Detailed Wi-Fi Connection History from Command Line of Mac OS X

There are some situations where knowing exactly what wireless networks a Mac has connected to and when that connection was last established can be helpful. We’ll demonstrate how to uncover a comprehensive listing of specifics about previously joined wi-fi networks, which will include the last connection date and time (to the second!), if the network … Read More

Mobile cinema is quirky British history looking for a good home

Mobile cinema today is a Netflix movie streamed on your smartphone. But movie history is full of fearless and devoted projectionists traveling to bring moving pictures to remote communities. A piece of that history, an actual mobile cinema on wheels,…Read more ›

Liveblog: Apple looks to make history with Q2 2015 earnings call

In less than an hour, Tim Cook and CFO Luca Maestri will reveal whether iPhone 6 sales have continued to sail past Wall Street’s expectations. We’ll be on hand to liveblog all the action from the Q2 2015 Apple earnings…Read more ›

Go down with the ship: Titanic game goes deep on history

Video games let us experience murderous rampages, violent carjackings and the horrors of war. But should virtual entertainment take us through a real-life tragedy with depictions of the actual people who lost their lives? The developers of Titanic: Honor and…Read more ›