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How to cure WhatsApp’s picture hoarding

WhatsApp is a pretty popular messaging app that went from 200 million daily active users in April of 2013 to 800 million of them as of April 2015. Unlike competitor SnapChat, however, WhatsApp will save every photo and video file sent to you to your Camera Roll. This could make for some embarrassing moments when […][Read More…]

U.S. Customers Are Hoarding $13.4bn Of Old iPhones

Around half of U.S. consumers are hoarding their old iPhones in cupboards and sock drawers — representing an inventory worth around $ 13.4 billion in total. According to the annual “Mobile Mountain Study” conducted by research group OnePoll for resale site…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Salesforce Chief Breaks Rules of Trademark Hoarding, Gives Steve Jobs App Store Name

Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO, ignored all rules of trademark engagement and simply handed over the trademark for “App Store” his company Salesforce held to Steve Jobs. Giving something as potentially valuable as the trademark “App Store” to Steve Jobs, someone who can pave a path to the sun and back with $100 bills, is either incredibly stupid or incredibly honroable. For Benioff, it was a way to show his appreciation to Jobs. Sir Jobs, on  [Read More…]