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Spring arrives early in David Hockney’s iPad art exhibition

The eastern U.S. is still getting pelted with snow, but spring is arriving a little early across the pond in Saltaire England thanks to David Hockney’s newest gallery of iPad artwork entitled ‘The Arrival of Spring.’ The famous pop artist’s…Read more ›

Was Apple inspired by David Hockney’s Yosemite series?

When the Yosemite posters first went up in Moscone Center ahead of  WWDC, a thought lodged in my brain that continued to tumble around all weekend: Apple drew inspiration for the name of the new OS from David Hockney. It’s…Read more ›

David Hockney’s iPad Art Blows Up

Venerable pop artist David Hockney brought his art from the screen of the iPad to towering heights in San Francisco. If you’re used to seeing his quick iPhone sketches on a screen, the 12-foot-high views to Yosemite are an eyeful.…Read more ›

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