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Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

It’s that time of year again. Not the holidays — I’m mean yeah, sure it is, but that’s pretty obvious. No, it’s the time of year when we drive ourselves (and others) a little crazy running around trying to find gifts at the last minute. Especially those pesky stocking stuffers — the little gifts that fill in the gap between “it’s Christmas? Geez, I completely forgot” and “honey, I bought  [Read More…]

The Best Ways To Send Holiday Greetings From Your Mac & iOS Devices This Christmas [App Guide]

As much as I love the holiday season, trying to buy gifts and cards for all of your family and friends isn’t easy. However, there are some things you can do on your Mac and iOS devices that will not only make the process of sending greetings a whole lot easier, but it’ll also ensure no one is forgotten. Here’s how to send Christmas greetings to all your friends and  [Read More…]

Apple Helps Procrastinating Holiday Shoppers With Free 2-3 Day Shipping

Procrastination is the American way, it’s in the Constitution somewhere, I’m sure of it. Apple is doing their part to ensure the bulk of last-minute shoppers honoring the American pastime of procrastination get their Apple products delivered pre-Christmas. During the Holiday shopping season Apple typically waives the $50 minimum purchase requirement to qualify for free standard shipping. But, Apple has now extended that offer to include free 2-3 day and 2-day shipping undercutting the standard  [Read More…]

Apple’s Holiday Order Shipping Times & Deadlines

Apple holiday shipping deadlines Nobody wants their gifts to arrive after the holidays have passed, and to alleviate that potential Apple has posted a list of holiday shipping times and deadlines. In order to get Apple items shipped free to your door by Christmas Eve (December 24), you’ll need to stop procrastinating: iPad: December 19th iPod: December 19th iPhone 4S: Passed, Dec 5th – visit an Apple Store! iPhone 4 and  [Read More…]

Apple Pushing Out High Volumes of iPhone 3GS’ and CDMA iPhone 4’s for Holiday Season

According to the Taiwan-based publication, Digitimes, industry sources are providing numbers stating the OEM production of the iPhone 3GS remains steady with an expected volume of two million units in the current quarter and 1.4 – 1.7 million units in the first quarter of calendar 2012. The report also noted that the production of the CDMA iPhone 4 is expected to come in at a number between 800,000 and one million units in the fourth quarter  [Read More…]

2011 Holiday Gift Guide Kicks Off With Gifts for The Working Stiff

  We’re pretty passionate here at the Cult of Mac. What are we passionate about? Well, the pecking order goes something like this (although maybe the order is flipped for one or two CoM writers): 1. Our loved ones 2. Gadgets Of course, we’re also passionate about sharing our knowledge of gadgets and technology with the rest of the world. Combine these three passions, and here’s the result: our Holiday  [Read More…]

Take Control Of Christmas With Your iPhone [2011 Holiday App Guide]

With access to over half a million apps in the App Store, getting things done on our iPhones has never been easier. So instead of running around like a headless chicken this Christmas Eve in a desperate bid to buy gifts for all your friends and family, why not sit back, stick your feet up, and do you Christmas shopping  [Read More…]

Holiday iPhone, Mac Sales Top Expectations, But iPad Demand Is ‘A Little Light’

Photo by Photo Giddy – http://flic.kr/p/aMyBmi

Sales of the iPhone and Mac are topping analyst expectations for the holiday quarter, eating into Android marketshare. On the flip side, despite reaching new record sales, iPad demand is described as “a little light,” one analyst told investors Wednesday. In the kind of bad news rivals could only hope to have, iPhone demand continues to outstrip supply and those soft iPad figures  [Read More…]

Shoot Holiday Pics That Don’t Suck Thanks To “iPhone Obsessed” Author

@Dan Marcolina.

If you’re in New York December 5, it would behoove you to stop by the West 14th store for a free workshop with Dan Marcolina. Marcolina’s the guy behind the acclaimed iPhone photography book and app “iPhone Obsessed” (currently on offer for $ 3.99 in iTunes) and he’ll be sharing tips and tricks including how combining picture choice and multiple app processing can turn a simple snapshot into  [Read More…]

J.P. Morgan Holiday Estimates Lifted – More iPhones and Fewer iPads

J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz recently issued a note to clients where he announced the revised estimates, noting that “Santa’s sleigh needs more room for iPhones.” The firm’s previous estimate of 25.3 million units has now changed, predicting iPhone shipments of 28 million for the holiday quarter. He mentioned that U.S. carriers have been “surprised by the strong uptake” of the iPhone 4S, as well as the lower-price iPhone 4 and 3GS models. The older  [Read More…]