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Trim Your Christmas Tree With These iPhone And iPad Holiday Ornaments

Because hanging a fragile slate of glass and aluminum from a thin twig of Christmas fir is a road to ruin: these iPad 2 and iPhone 4 Christmas Tree ornaments. Don’t expect anything fancy — they are strictly two-dimensional, printed from photo-quality paper and backed by high-quality cardboard. Heck, you could probably save $ 11.00 and make them yourself from paper lying around your office. Still, ’tis the season to  [Read More…]

Here Are The Holiday Discounts You Can Expect From Apple This Black Friday [Apple Store Shopping Guide]

The biggest shopping day of the year is fast approaching. This Friday, countless retailers all over the U.S. will be slashing prices for Black Friday, causing a frenzy amongst shoppers who cannot wait to spend some of their hard-earned cash on discounted goods. Apple famously recognizes the event by discounting some of its hottest products in the Apple online store for one day only, with savings to be made on  [Read More…]

Holiday Demand Dubs iPad As Primary Tablet

According to a new survey conducted by ChangeWave Research, tablets are going to be high in-demand this holiday season in the United States and are tablet sales are expected to rise 130%. When looking closely at the tablets, Apple?s iPad leads the demand for the soon-to-be purchased tablets for the season. The survey which polled 3,043 consumers on consumer tablet demand for the holidays comes back with the consensus that  [Read More…]

Retailers Prep BlackBerry PlayBook For $199 Holiday Fire Sale

Blackberry PlayBook (Photo by clintonjeff – http://flic.kr/p/9HDmuJ)

Retailers have found getting rid of non-iPad tablets can be like selling Halloween candy in November. Retail giant Staples is taking a cue from other failed attempts to rival the Apple device and cutting up to $ 300 off RIM’s PlayBook,  just in time for Christmas. The fire sale, to start Friday at the Canada Staples (RIM’s home turf), will trim PlayBook prices  [Read More…]

This Insanely Great History Of Mac Print Is The Perfect $20 Holiday Gift For Your Favorite Apple Die-Hard

Looking for a nice Christmas gift for the Apple diehard in your life? Brooklyn-based Pop Chart Lab’s latest print, The Insanely Great History of Apple, gorgeously maps out the complete history of Apple products over the course of the last thirty years: from the original Apple I to the MacBook Air, from the Newton to the iPhone 4S. Printed on 100 lb. archival stock certified by the Forest Stewardship Council,  [Read More…]

Starbucks’ New Holiday iPhone App Gives You Special Offers And Deals

Starbucks has launched a new iPhone app for the holidays that gives customers special offers and deals on the drinks we all crave. Not only that, but the Starbucks Cup Magic app also lets you play with augmented reality by tracking and taking pictures of special Starbucks characters. Users can also send a Starbucks Card “eGift” to loved ones. Let’s bring the season to life with the Starbucks  [Read More…]

Apple.com Launches 2011 Holiday Gift Guide

We’re a couple weeks from Black Friday yet, but it’s never too early to start Christmas shopping, which is why Apple’s online store has already launched their annual Holiday Gift Guide section, full of curated picks of the best Apple gear to get friends, loved ones or yourself this holiday season.   The new Holiday Gift Guide section is beautifully laid out, and contains sections  [Read More…]

Apple Predicts Sales Will Be At An All-Time High This Holiday Quarter

Along with the quarterly earnings, Apple said it looks to hit $37 billion in revenue for the upcoming holiday quarter. The number is $10 billion increase year over year, expecting to set an all time high with sales of the iPhone 4S. Peter Oppenheimer, during a conference call, said that he expects the company to earn roughly $37 billion in the holiday quarter with diluted earnings per share of about $9.30. This leaves the projection  [Read More…]

iPad 2 Shipments Jump to 20M Just in Time for Holiday Sales

Timing is everything. That could be the message from news Apple’s chief iPad 2 supplier is expected to churn out 20 million of the tablets for the third quarter – just in time for the all-important holiday sales period. Shipments of the iPad 2 for the quarter were already expected to hit 14 million, thus topping the last period’s 9.25 million tablets Apple sold. The jump in shipping by Foxconn marks  [Read More…]

Apple to Make More iPhone 4s than iPhone 5s this Holiday Season [Report]

With the announcement of the iPhone 5 and a potential second model on the horizon, analysts are predicting a strong holiday season for Apple. In fact, Apple could make up to 22 million iPhone units in Q4 of 2011 alone, with the iPhone 4 oddly enough still accounting for the majority of sales. Analyst Ashok Kumar of Rodman & Renshaw says that Apple will continue to produce the iPhone 4 at a steady pace into  [Read More…]