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Counterterrorism expert says FBI isn’t being honest about iPhone hacking

The guy that warned George Bush about an imminent al-Qaida attack before 9/11 is taking Apple’s side in the company’s fight against the FBI over whether it can be compelled to break into the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone. Richard Clarke, who served as the senior counterterrorism official in the US for nine years, sat down […]

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How Jobs Director Brought ‘Brutally Honest Character’ To Silver Screen

Joshua_Michael_SternIt’s not easy making a posthumous movie about the world’s most well-known and beloved control freak. Just ask Joshua Michael Stern, director of new Steve Jobs biopic Jobs. The film delves into the early days of Apple Computer as Stern paints a picture of a man he calls a “brutally honest character.” Don’t go into […]

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If That Internet Explorer 9 Commercial Were Honest It’d Look Like This [Video]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyGP0ZyxF5E]

You’ve seen Microsoft’s famous Internet Explorer 9 commercial, right? You know, the one with that catchy dub-step song and all the crazy graphics of IE being like superhero fast? They play it on TV all the time and the at movies so you must have seen it by now. It’s not really that realistic though, so World Wide Interweb made an “honest version” of the commercial.

Bottom line: Switch to Mac and use Chrome.

Source: WWideInterweb

Via: TechCrunch

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3 honest Facts you Should Know about Geohot

For who don’t know Geohot, here’s some facts you should know. Geohot never pirated a PS3 game and he don’t have PSN account. Besides he’s never hacked anything that he didn’t own.

To people new to this site, three honest to god facts about me:

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