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Only your ears can save you in this creepy horror game

Imagine exploring a creepy house full of eerie and unfamiliar sounds, supernatural horror dripping from every bannister and behind every mysterious, creaking door. Now imagine entering such a disturbing environment when you’re blind. Cassie is the blind young protagonist of…Read more ›

Unicorns, horror and bikes: 8 Instagram accounts to follow right now

Instagram has become riddled with so many photos of kitty cats, inspirational sayings and kitty cats spouting inspirational sayings that it has become nearly impossible to find fun and interesting feeds to follow without spending hours staring at your iPhone.…Read more ›

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 squishes action and horror into a game sandwich

The Resident Evil franchise has suffered a bit of an identity crisis in recent years, straying from its survival-horror roots toward something considerably more action-based. The latest entry, Resident Evil: Revelations 2, tries to have it both ways by splitting…Read more ›

See geezers recoil in horror at Grand Theft Auto V’s ultraviolence

The Grand Theft Auto series is known for its violence; you’re usually cast as a thug or criminal of some sort, and set loose on a rampage across an open world landscape, able to steal cars, beat up civilians, and…Read more ›

5 international horror films that speak the universal language of fear

The world is a big, scary place, and you can learn a lot about a culture from what its people use to scare the crap out of each other for entertainment. Cult of Mac’s weeklong festival of horror movie recommendations…Read more ›

5 terrifying films that turn horror tropes on their heads

How many ghost movies have you seen? How about werewolf or zombie flicks? With filmmakers churning out copycats constantly, the horror formula can get a little stale. We’re here to help. This is Cult of Mac’s fourth list of horror…Read more ›

5 anthology horror movies that will have you hiding behind the couch

Whether you call them anthologies, omnibuses or portmanteaus, the idea is the same: These are films composed of a series of shorter plots with a “frame” connecting them (usually somebody telling the stories to an incredulous audience). This is one…Read more ›

5 horror book adaptations you should see, and 5 you should skip

5 classic horror movies that’ll give you the creeps this Halloween

In case the giant bags of candy on prominent display at every store that sells food didn’t tip you off, Halloween is coming up. Some people celebrate by dressing up and going to parties or scoring free sweets from their…Read more ›

American Horror Story’s freak-filled trailer will creep you out

American Horror Story: Freak Show is set to premiere this October 8 on FX. As each season of the acclaimed FX series is a self-contained mini-series, this fourth season will focus on a big-top freak show. Below is the first…Read more ›