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Hub hotel has smart rooms you run from your wrist

I typically look for two things in a hotel room: Internet included with the room and free breakfast. But a new hotel in London’s Covent Gardens might have me adding some things to that list. The recently opened Hub hotel…Read more ›

Watch Steve Wozniak use iPhone 6 to magically unlock a hotel room

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is about to become a reality TV star. If you’re curious to see what watching The Woz might be like when it airs, Starwood Hotels just shot a quick video of Woz demonstrating their SPG app to…Read more ›

No Hotel Room Is ‘Bed Bug Proof,’ But This App Might Save You Some Scratching

Bed Bug Proof — Utilities — Free America is seeing a resurgence in bed-bug infestations, and here’s an app to help you screen a room and identify the little biters before they introduce themselves. To be perfectly clear, Bed Bug…Read more ›    [Read More…]

U.S. Hotel Chain Plans To Replace Room Keycards With iPhone App

Starwood Hotels & Resorts has begun a pilot program in two of its major hotel locations in Manhattan and Silicon Valley, which does away with keycards altogether by allowing guests to enter their rooms using just their smartphones. Hotel guests will receive…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Brightstone Mysteries: Paranormal Hotel Gets The Job Done (And Nothing Else) [Review]

The adventure-game genre has two salient qualities: puzzles and story. I’ve played titles with great puzzles and crappy stories, and I’ve played ones with amazing stories and awful, boring puzzles. I’ve even played some in which both the puzzles and plots were great, and some where they were both bad. There may be some kind […]

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iHome Adds Lightning To Hotel Favorite iDL45 Dock

If you stayed in any but the most flea-bitten of hotels in the last few years, you will have seen an iHome dock on the nightstand, ready to be mostly ignored until you need a place to charge your iPhone at night.

And as you eyed the clock/radio/speaker you may have chuckled to yourself and muttered something about the poor hotel owner, who just wasted like tens of thousands of dollars on  [Read More…]

The Hotel That Banned Apple For Skinny-Dipping In Its Pool Has Had A Change Of Heart


Back in 1983, Apple took a retreat to La Playa Carmel, a popular Californian resort. During that retreat, Apple’s employees rioted, skinny dipping and drinking and throwing what was later called a “college beer bash.” As a result, Steve Jobs and co. were banned from La Playa Carmel forever. But La Playa Carmel has new owners now… and they’re ready to welcome Cupertino back with open arms.

La Playa Carmel  [Read More…]

Trendy Hotel Near Apple’s Cupertino HQ Has An Apple TV In Each Room

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 4.46.11 PM

Starwood Hotels recently opened Aloft Cupertino, a slick hotel that is located two blocks away from Apple’s famous One Infinite Loop headquarters in Cupertino, California. Given its close proximity to Apple itself, it only makes sense for Aloft to put Apple products into its rooms.

Unlike the crappy cable boxes that are usually in hotels, Aloft has installed an Apple TV in each of its 123 rooms  [Read More…]

Wave Trip, From The Makers of Bad Hotel And Pugs Luv Beats, Is Coming January 22

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iR0iUNVnfK8?feature=oembed&w=640&h=360]

Lucky Frame, developer behind indie hit iOS games Bad Hotel and Pugs Luv Beats, announced today that its anticipated follow-up game, Wave Trip, will release on January 22, 2012. So, in just two short weeks, you’ll be able to control a mysterious geometric astronaut, helping her travel through worlds of beauty as well as danger, saving her friends via music and beat-based gameplay.

You’ll also be able to create your own Wave Trip levels and share them  [Read More…]

Play, Don’t Stay, In Bad Hotel [Review]

Dare you book at room at the Bad Hotel?

I’ve stayed in some pretty nasty hotels in my time, but none of them ever quite got as bad as Bad Hotel.

Bad Hotel is bad in the sense that I wouldn’t want to stay there. Too many bad guys trying to smash it down all the time. Unusual, for hotels, but there you go.

As a game, though, Bad Hotel  [Read More…]