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These insight-stimulating apps help you get more out of each work hour [Deals]

If you’re getting frustrated with your productivity or workflow at the computer, you might need to get your computer to work with you better. Scapple is a freeform, mind-mapping application that makes it effortless to record your ideas and tease out connections between them. Once you start using Scapple, it’ll become an invaluable tool for […]

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Apple offering kids free ‘Hour of Code’ programming classes

Apple is once again supporting Code.org’s “Hour of Code” initiative by offering a range of workshops and other special events for kids aged six and above at Apple Stores around the world. Other participating tech companies include Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and others. Apple is presenting a range of interesting sessions, including a free one-hour […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple Watch Edition sells out in less than hour in China

  The gold Apple Watch Edition is expected to be big in China, but if the first hour of pre-orders are any indication, Tim Cook’s going to need to order up a lot more gold. Within the first hour of…Read more ›

Apple approves ‘Je Suis Charlie’ app just one hour after devs email Tim Cook

Apple has been feeling the #jesuischarlie solidarity lately. After publicly supporting the movement protesting the terrorist attacks on the Charlie Hebdo offices last, week, Apple has since approved a ‘Je Suis Charlie’ app for sale on the App Store, just…Read more ›

Amazon Prime Now app brings TVs, diapers, and fibits to your door in one hour

Amazon is upping its delivery game this week by launching a new delivery service called Prime Now that will bring diapers, Fitbits, televisions, and thousands of other essential items, to your doorstep in under an hour. Prime Now is available…Read more ›

Freebie Friday: Get The 4 Hour Chef, Mac Freebie Bundle 3.0 and more! [Deals]

It’s Friday at last. That means the last day of the work week, start of the weekend, and time to kick back and relax. It also means it’s time for Freebie Friday at Cult of Mac Deals. Yep, Cult of…Read more ›

The darkest hour is just before the dawn in latest True Blood episode, “Karma.”

It’s time for the various residents of Bon Temps to face the music. Karma’s a bitch, and in the latest episode of the final season of this hit vampire romance TV show from HBO, we’re gonna watch most of the…Read more ›

Stay Charged With The TOCCs Ultra Slim iPhone 10 Hour Battery Case [Deals]

There is nothing worse then being stranded with no charger and no battery power. Life gets dangerous without your lifeline to the digital world. The TOCCs Ultra Slim 10 Hour Battery Case is a lightweight and seamless solution to the…Read more ›    

You Won’t Believe What This Free App Can Teach You In Less Than an Hour

While all of us aren’t destined to get our heads buried deep in lines of programming languages, chances are that most of us, and especially our children, will benefit from knowing the basics of how the most ubiquitous devices in…Read more ›    [Read More…]

The iPad Air Is A 24+ Hour LTE Hotspot

The iPad Air might be almost a third lighter than the iPad 4, but Apple insists it gets all the same battery life as previous generations, and it looks like the evidence proves it: not only does the iPad Air…Read more ›

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