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24 Hour Music Videos Could Come To The Apple TV This Week Thanks To Vevo Deal

apple-itvEarlier this month, we reported that Vevo, the popular music platform, was in talks with Apple to make its own Apple TV channel a reality. The channel would allow Apple TV owners to access Vevo’s 24-7 music programming, and would be monetized by ads. Unfortunately, there were no other details, and you know what they […]

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2014′s MacBook Pros Could Get 24 Hour Battery Life Thanks To IGZO Displays

DSC_7479We’ve been hearing for years now about Apple’s never-quite-realized intentions to ship devices featuring Sharp IGZO displays. Now a new report says they’re coming to the 2014 MacBook line. IGZO displays are cool technology. This is very simplistic, every LCD panel is made up of a bunch of pixels, and behind those pixels, there’s a […]

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It’s Not Just You: iMessage And FaceTime Have Been Down For An Hour



Having a hard time sending iMessages to friends recently? You’re probably one of those that are affected by the current iMessage and FaceTime outage.

Word of the outage quickly spread across Twitter this afternoon that users are experiencing outages with iMessage. A FaceTime outage quickly followed and Apple just updated its support page to acknowledge the service outage.

We’ll let you know once things are back on.

Gameloft’s Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Now Just 99¢ For A Limited Time


Gameloft’s Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is, without doubt, the best first-person shooter available on mobile. It’s the latest edition to the company’s Modern Combat series, and it promises to “push the boundaries of mobile gaming even further” with stunning visuals, an awesome campaign, and a completely redesigned multiplayer mode.

If you haven’t already got it and you’re a fan of FPS titles, then you’re crazy. But now’s the best time to pick it up, because  [Read More…]

Apple Supply Chain Reaches New High Of 99% Compliance For 60 Hour Work Weeks


Last year, Apple launched it’s Labor and Human Rights page to give some transparency to the human rights controversy’s it’s been having with supply chain workers. Along with numerous explanations on what Apple is doing to make sure its supply chain workers are treated fairly, the company releases the percentage of supplier work-hour compliance every month.

For the first time since Apple started tracking its supplier work-hour compliance metric, they just hit 99% compliance  [Read More…]

Snapfish App Now Lets You Have Prints From Your iPhone in About an Hour

I’ve seen some amazing photos shot with the increasingly advanced photo hardware (and software) packed into the iPhone, and now the iPad. And while swiping through the images is fun, sometimes you want physical prints. An update to the free Snapfish app lets you have those prints by letting you send images from your iPhone to the closest Walmart, Walgreens, or if you’re in New York, Duane Reade — and they’ll be  [Read More…]

Excessive Work Hours No More: Apple Says 97 Percent Of Its Supply Chain Workers Only Work 60 Hour Weeks

While we all know that most consumer electronics are manufactured in places like China, Apple has become the public face of the current practice. While the company continues to rake in huge profits from their iPhone and iPad devices, there has been much finger-pointing in Apple’s direction when unfair and degrading labor practices in manufacturing plants in China, like Foxconn, are brought to the forefront in Western media.

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Gameloft Shows Off Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour With Official Extended Reveal Trailer [Video]

Gameloft is doing what it does best: teasing its upcoming titles. Next on their list is Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and they’ve released quite the reveal trailer for us to drool over. Being released for Android and iOS this fall, the next installation in the Modern Combat series looks just as intense as the 3rd and chock full of guns, ammo and bloodshed.

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iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Sold Out in an Hour

iPhone 5 preorders sold out ship in 2 weeks

If you didn’t stay up until midnight (or 3AM for those on the east coast) and pre-order right away, you already missed the opportunity to get an iPhone 5 shipped to you on launch day through Apple. In an impressive display of demand, the iPhone 5 pre-orders sold out in an hour, and by 1AM PST the shipping window was moved back 2 weeks  [Read More…]

Use a 24 Hour Clock on the iPad & iPhone

Show the Military Time as 24 Hour Clock in iOS

The iPhone and iPad default to use a 12 hour clock in the USA and Canada, but you can easily switch to 24 hour time (often called Military time) through a quick settings adjustment:

Open “Settings” and tap on “General” Scroll down to “Date & Time” and flip “24-Hour Time” to ON, then close out of Settings

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