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Supercapacitor-powered Bamboo speaker charges in minutes and lasts for hours

A few years ago, Portland resident Sam Beck built a bike-powered speaker that wouldn’t cut off when he stopped pedaling at stoplights. He accomplished such a feat with an amazing new technology: supercapacitors. Instead of stopping there, however, Beck decided…Read more ›

China pre-orders 2 million iPhone 6 handsets in just 6 hours

Forget those ridiculous rumors that the huge quantities of smuggled handsets had all but killed iPhone 6 interest in China! According to new reports coming out of China, both retailers and carriers have taken in a massive 2 million reservations just…Read more ›

Only hours left on deals for TuneUp, CrossOver, and Xcode & Swift training [Deals]

For music enthusiasts, there’s no audio organization software quite like iTunes. Still, unless you have a ton of spare time to sort and label all your audio files, your iTunes is probably a disorganized mess. With TuneUp, however, your iTunes…Read more ›

Space Colors is a trippy, brutal explosion-fest that will keep you hooked for hours

Team Chaos has a reputation for publishing quirky, fun, colorful games like Cat vs. Aliens, Flappy Stache, and Dragon Academy (a “hatch-three” puzzle game). With Space Colors, they’ve done it again. This time, you’re an Asteroids-style spaceship trying to destroy…Read more ›

Hours is a beautiful new app for time tracking on the iPhone

Time tracking for clients can be a huge pain, but there’s a new iPhone app out called Hours to make the process easier. “Three years ago we got so frustrated with time tracking software that we decided to do something about…Read more ›

Mac Pro is finally available for shipping within 24 hours

Almost exactly one year to the day after being announced, it’s now possible to order a Mac Pro and have it ship to you within 24 hours. Costing between $ 3,000 and $ 4,0000, Apple’s gorgeous stealth powerhouse of a machine went…Read more ›

iOS 7.1 Hits Nearly 12% Adoption Less Than 48 Hours After Launch

iOS 7.1 was only released on Monday, but already it looks as though it may be installed on close to 12% of iOS devices. The figures come from mobile publishing and monetization platform Onswipe, who analyzed the data from approximately…Read more ›    [Read More…]

iOS 7.0.6 Reached 13.3% Adoption Within Its First 48 Hours [Analyst]

Apple may have only released iOS 7.0.6 one week ago, but it’s already showing impressive adoption rates. According to a study by Chitika Insights, just 48 hours after the update went live, 13.3% of all iOS traffic was driven by…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Realmac Software Makes Clear Free For 24 Hours

Clear, the popular to-do list management tool for iOS from Realmac Software, is now free for the next 24 hours. The promotion is designed to give those who purchased the now defunct Clear+ the opportunity to migrate to the original…Read more ›    

Get 31 Hours Of Training With The Complete iOS 7 Developers Course [Deals]

With the proliferation of mobile, internet-connected devices, iOS development and software development as a whole are rapidly expanding fields. The demand for new developers (of all skill levels) far outweighs the supply, and don’t think you need a degree in…Read more ›    [Read More…]