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New Apple Commercials: “Human Family” for iPhone, and Pitching iPad Pro as “Computer”

Apple has started running a few new advertisements, one of which markets the iPad Pro as a “computer”, and the other which demonstrates the iPhone camera by showing various portraits of humans as portrayed in images, videos, and Live Photos. Each commercial has been embedded below for easy viewing. The Human Family – Shot on … Read More

Tim Cook joins RFK Human Rights’ board

The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights has added Apple CEO Tim Cook to its board of directors to help the organization in its pursuit of a more just and peaceful world. The International human rights organization that was founded by Bobby Kennedy’s family 50 years ago honored Cook last year with […]

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iPad math app comes with real human tutor

The fifth-grader who just last year was at least one grade behind in math is now a year ahead and helping his classmates. Sebastian Johnson’s grasp and meteoric understanding of math did not happen because of the tutor he met with twice each week. It was, his father Fred said, because of an iPad app […]

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Samsung building robot army to replace human factory workers

Samsung has received a multi-million dollar investment from the South Korean government to develop factory robots to help win manufacturing work currently being lost to cheap human labor in China. Samsung will build the precision speed reducers, motors, controllers, and sensor encoders needed to bring the robots to market. The plan is for them to […]

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Future of fitness apps lies in understanding human movement

Some Apple Watch users are apparently confused over what types of exercise the wearable’s Workout app can track. Many people are using it to log weightlifting or stretching sessions, even though Apple only claims the app is suitable for “dedicated cardio workouts.” Fortunately, a new breed of fitness apps is emerging that uses the accelerometer access enabled […]

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36 empty iMac boxes taped together = human iMac hamster wheel!

Looking for a fun weekend project? Got 36 iMac boxes lying around? Make yourself an iMac hamster wheel. Redditor studercinema posted this incredible picture of two school IT dudes riding three dozen iMac boxes in a giant rolling circle. How is this possible? It turns out an empty iMac box has a ten degree angle […][Read More…]

Apple wants Siri to give you navigation instructions like a human

Getting direction from a computer sucks, but that could soon change based on a new patent filed by Apple for “Humanized Navigation Instructions for Mapping Applications. Rather than receiving instructions from an emotion-less robot, Apple’s new patent would make Siri’s…Read more ›

Apple wants to make its Maps app directions a bit more human

Apple wants to overhaul its mapping navigation system, providing a solution that is more reminiscent of a real human navigator, according to a patent application uncovered by Cult of Mac today. In doing so, the company could improve its long-maligned Apple Maps…Read more ›

Cloe is Siri with a human touch — and a life

New app Cloe is a dutiful concierge service you can text to request a good jazz club or microbrewery and get an informed, cheery response in a minute or less. Think of the mad research skills of Siri with the…Read more ›

Qardio’s medical devices put human face on health care

LAS VEGAS — Who ever thought a blood-pressure monitor could look cool? Qardio did. The U.S. medical device maker is obsessed with crafting hospital-grade gear that wouldn’t look out of place sitting alongside your iMac. The company’s latest product, unveiled…Read more ›