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Flatworms in space might hold key to human immortality

Flatworms are the darlings of the molecular biology field. What scientist doesn’t love a species that can lose an organ or body part — even its head — and grow it back? It’s quite a trick. We’ll see if they…Read more ›

This hot wearable turns you into the Human Torch

Smartwatches may have a lot of firepower, but what about a wearable that lets you shoot actual flames from your hands? The PYRO Fireshooter puts fireballs right up your sleeve. It attaches to the underside of the wrist and contains…Read more ›

April Zero and the quest to become the world’s most transparent human

Anand Sharma has eaten 17 burritos in the last 141 days. An avid runner and rock climber, the San Francisco-based designer has visited parks seven times this month. He weighed 153.9 pounds and was at 18.4% bodyfat after his 5.5-mile run yesterday.…Read more ›

Apple expands human curation in European App Stores

When browsing the App Store, it’s easy to get lost in an endless sea of apps. Apple tries to make it easier to find the best apps with a team of editors that handpick the best options in different categories, like productivity and…Read more ›

Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines for iOS now available on iPad

There’s a reason that the majority of apps in the App Store look like they fit together, and that reason is Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines, which ensure that all developers incorporate Apple-approved elements into everything that they do on the…Read more ›

Apple’s New Ad Shows The iPad Being Used To Write A Living Human Poem [Video]

During the NFL playoff game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Carolina Panthers today, Apple has posted a new advertisement for the iPad, emphasing their tablet’s creative powers and the iPad’s ability to inspire and create. The tagline is…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Which Job Is Worse? Foxconn iPhone Factory Worker Or Human Urinal? [Infographic]


Although Apple has been taking unprecedented measures in the industry to remedy the problem, the truth is that working on an assembly line mass-producing iPhones just sucks. But how bad a job is building iPhones in the grand scheme of things?

The Worst Jobs in the World Matrix, from Lapham’s Quarterly, tries to put the craptitude of working at Foxconn in a broader historical perspective. As you can see, slaving away  [Read More…]

Apple Shareholders Reject Two Proposals On Human Rights And Stock Retention


Apple hosted its annual shareholder meeting today at Apple HQ in Cupertino. There were some big rumors yesterday that Tim Cook would announce a stock split during the meeting, but that never actually happened.

At this years shareholder’s meeting, all the board members were re-elected, and Tim Cook got 99.1% of investor approval. There were two proposals put to vote that Apple did not support, but both of those were struck  [Read More…]

The Human Cost Of The iPad Mini Involves Explosions, Chemical Smells, And Unpaid Overtime

Each time Apple releases a shiny new device lusted after by consumers across the globe, workers at Chinese factory manufacturers pay the price more than anyone who waits in line at an Apple Store for five hours to shell out $ 329.

As soon as production of an Apple product goes into launch mode, Chinese factory workers get hit by a wave of chemical fumes, 12-hour work shifts, unpaid overtime, and  [Read More…]

See Sizes in Human Readable Format from the Command Line

Human readable output The default behavior for most command line tools is to show sizes in bytes, for tiny text files that is fine but when you start working with larger items this becomes difficult to read and interpret. The solutions is fairly simple, pass a human readable flag with the command, which will convert bytes to a much more meaningful human readable format of kilobytes (kb) , megabytes (mb) ,  [Read More…]