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Now Turn Your Humble iPhone Camera Into A PowerCam [Sponsored Post]

PowerCamBannerThis post is brought to you by Wondershare Software, creator of PowerCam. There are so many times when I wanted to zoom my iPhone camera on some distant object, play with the focus, take full panoramic shots, and most of all, snap myself from a greater distance than my arm’s length! But I couldn’t. The […]

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The Humble Indie Bundle 7 Is Here, And It’s The Best Game Bundle Yet

Looking for a good, affordable last minute Christmas gift for the gamer in your life? Look no further: the Humble Indie Bundle is back with its seventh iteration, and they are offering some awesome games (and a movie) for one low, bundle-y price.

Right now, the games include Snapshot, the wonderfully weird rogue-like The Binding of Isaac, the action platformer Shank 2, the platform puzzler Closure, and — if you pay  [Read More…]

The Humble Indie Bundle Adds Four New Games

We told you last week about the Humble Indie Bundle, now in its sixth iteration. Today, four new games were added, bringing the total to ten games on offer with a pay-what-you-want model that sends the purchase price along to independent developers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), and Child’s Play, a charity that provides game consoles to children in hospitals.

To qualify for the four new games, all you have  [Read More…]

Pay What You Want And Give To Charity With The Humble Indie Bundle 6

The Humble Indie Bundle has always been a fantastic source of solid Mac games for a very reasonable price. How much, you might ask? Well, the five initial offerings in this year’s bundle would run you almost $ 90 retail, but the price you’ll pay for them here is totally up to you.

Yes, you could pay no money at all for games like Rochard or Torchlight, both solidly great  [Read More…]

Humble Bundle For Android 3 Gains Four More Bonus Games [Deal Alert]

Remember that great Humble Bundle For Android 3 we told you about last week? Well, it just got better! Four new games have been added to the list of bonus games customers will get for paying over the average (which is currently $ 6.33). That’s a total of 9 games for just over $ 6! Plus you get to feel good about helping out the Child’s Play Charity (no affiliation with  [Read More…]

The Humble Bundle 3 For Android Is Here, Get It Now! (Works On Mac, Windows And Linux Too)

Round 3 of the Android Humble Bundle has landed and we couldn’t be happier. Not only do you get to pay-what-you-want, but you also get to support charity and the great devs who have donated their games. All game included in the Humble Bundle are multi-platform, DRM-free, and independently developed games. There are currently four games listed along with a fifth “bonus” game for those who pay more than the average  [Read More…]

Get Some Of The Best Mac Games Ever For Pennies With The Humble Indie Bundle 4

The Christmas Holidays are coming up, and if youre a gamer looking for a rare week spent pushing, punching and shooting pixels, weve got a great Yuletide bundle for you: the Humble Indie Bundle 4. Not to put to fine a point on it, but its a sick deal, some of my very favorite games on the Mac.   No collection of shovelware, this. Youve  [Read More…]

The Humble Indie Bundle 3 Lets You Pay What You Want for 5 Mac Games

TheHumbleIndie Bundle brings you five awesome games for the Mac all bundled into one tempting package. The great thing about this bundle is that you set the price. Thats right! You get to pay what you want for 5 DRM-free Mac games. This bundle isvaluedat about $ 50, and you can save quite a bit by setting your own price and downloading these apps together. All of the games work on  [Read More…]