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Apple Pay’s biggest hurdle to overcome is at checkout

Apple Pay is off to an excellent start, according to Tim Cook and the rest of the company’s top brass. But a recent study found that the majority of users are having issues using the mobile payments service at checkout.…Read more ›

Brazil Foxconn To Begin Producing iPads As Tax Hurdle Overcome

A Brazil-made iPad has been in the offing since July 2011. However, plans by Taiwans Foxconn to build the tablet in South America were held up by negotiations surrounding taxes that could double the cost of Apples tablet. Now comes word the government has exempted the iPad, freeing Foxconn to begin churning out iPads stamped Made in Brazil.   The tax issue was an important hurdle to overcome as they  [Read More…]

Only One Hurdle Left to Clear For Apple’s iCloud

Click the image to open in full size. We’re as close as we’ve ever been to Apple finally lifting the curtain on its long-awaited iCloud streaming music service. Those in-the-know say June remains a probable timeframe for launch as Apple has reportedly – at long last – signed deals with all the right labels and major music industry players within the last few days. Yet as All Things Digital reported via Peter Kafka on  [Read More…]