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Apple Music could put a serious hurt on your iPhone battery

We’ve had a couple days to check out Apple Music, Apple’s song-streaming platform that launched Tuesday. It comes loaded with 30 million songs that you can listen to on demand with a quick search or a request to Siri. But…Read more ›

Did iOS 7.1.1 Help or Hurt Battery Life on Your iPhone / iPad?

Some users are reporting major differences to battery life for iPhone and iPad models that have updated to iOS 7.1.1, with some reports of improved battery life and others reporting increased battery drain, sometimes even rapidly like that seen with the 7.1 update (which is easily fixable). From initial testing, there doesn’t seem to be … Read More

Bluetooth Guitar Pedal Will Thrill Your Ears But Hurt Your Brain [Review]

IK Multimedia is responsible for a veritable boat-load of music peripherals and apps, like the hard-rocking guitar crunch of effects app Amplitube and the portable MIDI keyboard iRig Keys. If you’re a musician interested in working with iOS devices on…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Watch Your Network Signal, It Will Hurt Your iPhone 5′s Battery Life

Having a weak cellular connection could mean your iPhone won’t last as long between charges,

How’s your iPhone 5′s data connection where you live? Did you know that if your signal is poor, and your handset is always struggling to get a decent data connection, it could mean that your battery life won’t last as long between charges?

That’s according to iLounge’s review of the iPhone 5, which looks at the handset’s  [Read More…]