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iPhone 6s gets a reduction where it really hurts

Apple announced a slew of iPhone upgrades yesterday, but battery life sure wasn’t among them! As we had suspected ahead of time, Apple’s official iPhone 6s video shows that it boasts just 1,715 mAh capacity battery — down from the 1,810 mAh of its iPhone 6 predecessor. You’ll want to skip to 2:53 to see the […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Samsung outranks Apple where it really hurts… in the patent department

In an effort to prevent rivals from stealing its ideas, Apple patents everything it invents — from the iPhone and the iPad, to app icons and even “magic” tactile gloves. But compared to its biggest competitors, Apple’s patent portfolio from 2015…Read more ›

Google Exec’s Testimony Hurts Government Case In Apple E-Book Trial


Today, the fourth day of the Apple e-book anti-trust trial taking place in New York, Google’s director of strategic partnerships testified as a government witness. Thomas Turvey, under cross examination from Apple lawyer Orin Snyder, told the court that while the publishers named in the original suit had told him that they had moved to an agency model due to deals with Apple, he also acknowledged that his lawyer had helped  [Read More…]

Judge To Apple: Want To Prove Samsungs Copying Hurts You? Show Us Your iPad 2 Sales Numbers

Photo by lambdachialpha – http://flic.kr/p/iR9Qu

An Australian judge suggests Apple pony up some iPad sales figures to bolster its argument for barring sales of Samsungs Galaxy 10.1 tablet. Although it is was only a suggestion, the tech giant may have to disclose sales in the UK and U.S. something Samsung attorneys have demanded. Federal Court judge Annabelle Bennett Monday said without evidence showing Samsungs tablet hurt iPad sales, I cant  [Read More…]