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Yo, Tim Cook hates the idea of a Mac/iPad hybrid

If you feel like it’s a matter of time before the iPad and MacBook become one and the same device, similar to the Microsoft Surface, there’s at least one person in the know who will tell you you’re wrong: Apple CEO Tim Cook. Speaking to the Irish Independent newspaper, Cook said that Apple would not […]

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Enable New Month And List Hybrid View With iOS 7.1 [iOS Tips]

iOS 7 allowed you to switch between the day view and the list view with the tap of a button. The new iOS 7.1 update now lets you see your events list along with your monthly calendar all on the…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Spigen’s Neo Hybrid Case IS Like And Iron Man Suit For Your iPhone 5

iphone_5_neo_hybrid-mainOne of the main reasons I don;t use a case with my iPhone (except when testing for reviews) is that the iPhone 5 is so sleek and hot-looking that a case usually just fuglies everything up. Not so with Spigen’s Neo Hybrid, a case as handsome and slimline as the iPhone it protects. Available in […]

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Apple’s Patent For A Hybrid iPad/MacBook Is Eerily Similar To The Microsoft Surface



Even though it’d probably be pretty cool, we’ve concluded that a touchscreen MacBook Air or iMac probably wouldn’t be fun to use for an extended period of time, thanks to gorilla arm syndrome.

But what if Apple made an iPad/MacBook Air hybrid? It turns out that Apple has been considering the idea of it for sometime, and based on its patent filings, the iPad/MacBook hybrid would look a lot like some  [Read More…]

The EX Hybrid Controller Is Like A MagSafe Gamepad & Keyboard For Your iPhone 5

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_NB97dRoWg?feature=oembed&w=500&h=281]

A lot of people want both an iPhone and a physical QWERTY keyboard, but they don’t want the extra bulk. Similarly, some people want a physical control pad, but they don’t want to ensconce their device in a massive case to get one.

That’s the genius of the EX Hybrid Controller for iPhone 5. It’s a Bluetooth controller that magnetically attaches to a special shell on the back of your device: flip it one way and it’s a  [Read More…]

SoL Hybrid Battery Pack for iPhone 4/4S [Deals]

For those of us not obsessively checking delivery status for iPhone 5s, here is a power pack for the iPhone 4/4S that might strike your fancyStay Charged With The SoL Hybrid Power Pack.

I have a couple different battery packs (Im giving an extra to a friend), but they charge the old fashioned way through a USB cable to the wall (or computer, but you know). A solar charger certainly has  [Read More…]

Move Over Mophie, The Boost Case Hybrid Makes No Compromises And Takes No Prisoners [CES 2012]

LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 The remarkable success of Mophies Juice Pack Air has inevitably resulted in a locust storm of battery case also-rans at this years CES, but of the lot of them, the Boost Case Hybrid is the one we like best. Why? Because Boost Case understands that you dont always want to carry around all that extra battery.  [Read More…]

Apple Planning Hybrid E-Ink/Video Display for Next iPhone?

Just yesterday, through a patent, we found about Apple’s secondary display that may be introduced in their upcoming iOS devices. Well, there’s a new patent out already which highlights some of the details of the primary display of next-gen iPhone. The new improved display will be hybrid of e-ink and standard LCD.

Some of you may be wondering why e-ink since that’s an older technology? That’s because e-ink displays  [Read More…]

Naima PS3 Custom Firmware 3.55 / 60 Hybrid Download Available With Full PSN Access!

The Spanish hacker Naima, has successfully released PS3 custom firmware called Naima CFW 3.55 / 60 hybrid. The new custom firmware is a CFW 3.55 with some files taken from the newly 3.60 firmware. More over, it spoofs PS3 console on 3.60 firmware which allows full PSN access for games and applications with preserving jailbreak capabilities of custom firmware 3.55.   Note: It’s highly recommended to avoid accessing PSN on your jailbroken PS3 in order  [Read More…]