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Two years on, iBeacons still haven’t taken off

Apple launched its iBeacons to great fanfare back in 2013, but since then… well, they haven’t exactly taken the retail world by storm. An interesting new article by Bloomberg digs into some of the facts and figures about Apple’s beacon technology, citing reports claiming that only 3 percent of retailers currently use beacons, and just 16 […]

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Guess what Samsung copied from Apple now (hint: Continuity & iBeacons)

Samsung just can’t leave Apple alone. When it’s not mocking the Cupertino company in ads, or pleading for its chip-making business, it’s stealing its ideas. Today, Samsung announced two new creations rolling off its Xerox machine out of its R&D…Read more ›

Hailo uses iBeacons to let users pay for street-hailed taxis

While Uber and Lyft are the most prominent example of smartphones disrupting the taxi industry, a new app feature from Hailo is hoping to shake up both companies by letting Hailo users pay for journeys using their iPhone – even when they’re…Read more ›

Soon you’ll be able to stick iBeacons on anything

Estimote makes iBeacons in little polygon shapes with cool colors and custom designs. Designed to communicate over low-energy Bluetooth, Estimote Beacons can be used to alert nearby smartphones of a specific deal when they enter a shop, for example. But what if…Read more ›

iOS 8 makes it harder for retailers to track your location without iBeacons

Starting with iOS 8, Apple is making it impossible for marketers to track you based on your iPhone’s MAC address. When you walk around a store with your iPhone’s WiFi on, you’re are unknowingly transmitting your MAC address, a unique identifier for…Read more ›

Virgin Atlantic to trial iBeacons at the airport

Could iBeacons help improve the air travel experience? Sir Richard Branson thinks they could. Branson’s majority-owned Virgin Atlantic is the latest company to hop aboard the iBeacon bandwagon — announcing plans to use the technology to send customized messages to…Read more ›

NYC bars use iBeacons to gamify the pub crawl experience

In New York on May 20? If you are, own an iPhone, and fancy drumming up some business for local bars, you may want to get involved with the so-called “BeaconCrawl.” An interactive bar crawl event, supporting venues in lower…Read more ›

iBeacons Will Rock Coachella Music Festival This Weekend

Kicking off this Friday, the Coachella Music Festival will become the latest event to use iBeacons to provide proximity-specific information to attendees. Coachella’s iOS app has been updated with a new Version 3.0 which enables on-site iBeacon notifications for users…Read more ›

New York Museum Uses iBeacons To Create A ‘Digital Minefield’

While most of the iBeacon applications so far have involved making retail and entertainment more pleasant to consume, a new exhibition at a New York museum aims to use Apple’s beacon technology to demonstrate the horror of landmines. Taking place…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Dutch Theme Park Becomes Europe’s First To Use iBeacons

If there’s one place you can expect to see cutting edge technology at its finest it’s at a Dutch flower park, right? Dutch-language site iPhoned is reporting that Fluwel’s Tulpenland — a theme park whose name translates as Tulip Land,…Read more ›    [Read More…]