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How to Create an @iCloud.com Email Address

If you created an Apple ID based on your own unique email address and use that for logging in to iCloud and other Apple services, you may have missed the part where you can create a new separate @icloud.com email address. Not to worry though, if you decide you want to create a new and … Read More

iCloud.com now lets you stalk contacts with Find My Friends web app

You no longer need an iPhone to stalk your contacts on Find My Friends. Apple updated iCloud.com this morning with a new web-based app for Find My Friends that lets you keep tabs on the location of all of your contacts’ from the comfort of your Mac or PC. Find My Friends is a free […]

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iCloud.com beta adds ability to upload photos from browser

Today Apple quietly added a new feature to the developer beta version of iCloud.com. Photos can now be uploaded directly from the browser to a user’s iCloud Photo Library, which was introduced with iOS 8.1. Since Apple isn’t releasing its…Read more ›

Apple strengthens iCloud.com security with two-factor authentication

Today Apple quietly expanded its use of two-factor authentication to protect iCloud users. Now those who have enabled the added security measure will be asked to verify their identity with a secondary device when logging into iCloud.com. For the first…Read more ›

Apple begins purging Google Maps from iCloud.com

Two years after Apple replaced Google with its own Maps app in iOS 6, the last remnant of Google Maps in Apple’s ecosystem is getting the boot. Apple has begun switching to its own mapping service for the Find My…Read more ›

Apple brings two-factor authentication to iCloud.com

Apple has rolled out two-factor authentication support for logging into iCloud.com, its web portal for apps like Mail, Calendar, and Pages. If a user has two-factor authentication enabled on their Apple ID, attempting to access a web app through iCloud.com will now…Read more ›

iCloud.com Redesign Goes Live Ahead Of iOS 7 Launch Tomorrow [Gallery]

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 7.56.52 PMIf you head over to iCloud.com, you’ll notice that it has been completely redesigned to match the look and feel of iOS 7. The new iCloud website has been in beta all summer, and Apple has made it publicly available on the eve of tomorrow’s iOS 7 launch. The web versions of Mail, Contacts, Calendar, […]

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Apple Gives iCloud.com Beta A Complete iOS 7 Redesign [Gallery]

findmyiphonebeta2  With less a month to go until Apple unveils its new iPhones and the release date of iOS 7, the iCloud beta site just received a redesign to bring it more in-line with iOS 7’s UI. Apple has replaced the old iCloud app icons for Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, and Find My iPhone […]

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Share Reminders from OS X or iCloud.com

Share Reminders from OS X or iCloud.com

Want to share a grocery list with someone? Maybe you have an important to-do list that you need to give a co-worker, or to anyone else with an iOS device or Mac? You can now share any such list right from the Reminders app in OS X if you’re running 10.8.2 or later, or even share the lists right from iCloud.com. The shared Reminders will  [Read More…]