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How to Identify Touch ID Fingerprints on iPhone & iPad with an Easy Trick

For most of us setting up Touch ID, users go through the initial process of adding a fingerprint or two on their iPhone or iPad and don’t think much beyond it. Maybe you went through the process again to add the same finger a few times to make unlocking with Touch ID more reliable. For … Read More

How to Identify iOS Backups from One Another in iTunes

If you’re like many Apple users, you may have multiple iPhone devices spanning a couple of generations, maybe an iPad or two, and maybe even a few iPods. They’re all easy to tell apart by looking at the physical devices, but if you backup your iOS device to a computer (and you should, in addition … Read More

Identify Your Winged Neighbors On Sight With ‘Local Birds’

Spring is here, and–holy crap, do you see that bird? No, the other bird. It’s over by the tree. No, the tree by the shrub. Yeah. That bird there. Do we have those here, or is it some kind of…Read more ›

New Shazam Update Means It’s Able To Identify Music And TV Without You Asking

Shazam has been a favorite iOS app of mine for years. Have you ever been out and about, heard a song, and wondered what it was? That’s what Shazam is for. It’s always felt like magic to me, and the…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Samsung Lawyers Unable to Identify Galaxy Tab When Asked By Judge During Court Hearing

Samsung attorney Kate Sullivan when asked by U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh if she could tell which one of the two tablets the judge held above her head was the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sullivan responded Not at this distance, your honor. That distance was a measly 10 feet! Facepalm, facepalm, facepalm. How can Samsungs lawyers, who have been battling Apple in patent cases across the world, not be able to tell the difference between an  [Read More…]

Judge Accepts Sonys Request To Identify Visitors To Geohots Sites and YouTube Channel

In news that could have far-reaching consequences, a Judge has granted Sony’s request for information that could identify anyone that has visited the web sites belonging to hacker George ‘Geohot’ Hotz.

You’ll probably remember the news that Sony is suing Hotz for his part in the hacking (jailbreaking) of its PlayStation 3 console, and the Japanese giant has even managed to seize the  [Read More…]