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iDevice Activations Grew By 2.3x On Christmas Day

Remember when Tim Cook said it was going to be an iPad Christmas? According to the latest analytics data from research group Flurry, it looks like he was spot-on. While Amazon was the big Christmas winner (it saw a 24x…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Rapidly Mutating iblazr LED iDevice Flash Now Works With DSLRs Too

iblazr-cold-shoeThe dizzying pace of iblazr‘s evolution has been difficult to keep up with over the last month. It started out as an iDevice flash with four Cree-made LEDs that plugs into the 3.5mm jack. Then it gained a diffuser, and a short while later its designers added a reflective backing and redesigned the lens over […]

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Kanex MeDrive Is A Network Server For Your iDevice

Kanex’s MeDrive looks like an essential bit of kit for anyone with an iDevice and a whole mess of media files. It’s a personal file server, only unlike most solutions we’ve seen it lets you hook up any USB drive to share and access its contents. The little white box has three holes. One for […]

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How to Follow the Tour de France On Your iDevice Like a ‘Patron’

cycking-news-tour-tracker-1  There are really only two good options for following this year’s Tour de France on your iPad or iPhone, and neither of them have had their performance enhanced by drugs (we think). The big feature of the NBC Sports Tour de France Live app is, as you might guess from the app title, its […]

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BeamApp Brings iOS 7′s AirDrop To Any iDevice

Do you like the look of the new iOS 7 AirDrop feature that lets you beam things from iDevice to iDevice? Me too. But even if you have iOS 7 installed, you still can’t beam things to and from a Mac, which is arguably a more common need for basement-bound, friendless nerds like you and I.

Enter BeamApp, which does what it says on the virtual, HTML-based tin.

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The iX500 Scanner Sends Your Digitized Docs To Your Mac or iDevice [Review]

Looking like a prop out of Star Trek: the ScanSnap iX500.Once I started my review of the ScanSnap iX500 document scanner, the new model in Fujitsu’s hugely popular line of top-tier ScanSnap scanners, it didn’t take long to see this machine was going to earn its pedigree. Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Document Scanner by Fujitsu Category: Document Scanners Works With: Mac, iPhone, iPad Price: About $430 […][Read More…]

Hey, Chillax! HeartMath Wants to Help You Fight Anxiety With Your iDevice

It’s taken three years, but HeartMath has finally responded, in the form of a major redesign, to the concerns we (and probably other critics) voiced over their original emWave stress-management gadget.

Where the emWave required plugging in to a USB port and cost $ 300, their new Inner Balance system works with pretty much any 30-pin iDevice and sells for just $ 99.

Here’s what it does. A sensor — the same infra-red sensor included with the original emWave  [Read More…]

i-FlashDrive HD Is An Any-File Thumb-Drive For Your iDevice

The Mission: You have files on your Mac or iPad, and you want to get them to your iPhone.

The Problem: There is no Wi-Fi network around, nor any cellular. You are, in fact, in the middle of the wilderness.

The Question: Why the hell are you transferring files between devices when you should be enjoying the great outdoors?

The Solution To The Mission, Not To The Question: The i-FlashDrive HD.

The  [Read More…]

Easily Tranfer Files Between Your Mac and iDevice With This Thumb Drive [CES 2013]



CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – This is one of those simple ideas were surprised no one has come up with before. The PhotoFast i-FlashDrive HD is a flash drive with two different interfaces at each end — one 30-pin, one USB — that makes it super-easy to tranfer files between a desktop and anything with a 30-pin connector. It’ll  [Read More…]

Find My iPhone Will Now Give You Driving Directions To Your Lost iDevice

We’ve seen a number of stories over the years where Find My iPhone helped iPhone and iPad owners reunite with their lost devices. Now Apple’s making things even easier for people hunting down their devices by including driving directions to each device.

Find My iPhone for iOS will now tell you the exact route you should take to get your lost iPhone back. To use the driving directions features, users must  [Read More…]