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These accessories will give your iDevices a new lease on life [Deals]

You love your iPhone, you love your iPad, but what if you could make them even more worthy of your (let’s be honest, slightly creepy) affection? We’ve found four peripherals that’ll enhance, protect, and expand the capabilities of your favorite iDevice. From glow-in-the-dark charging cables to slim charging cases and flexible mounts, there’s something here […]

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iDevices’ HomeKit-compatible Switch lets Siri light up your house

LAS VEGAS — iDevices’ first HomeKit-compatible product will be a simple on-off switch that turns your iPhone into a remote control for lamps and appliances. It’s name is simple too: Switch. The $ 49.99 rectangular device plugs into an outlet. You…Read more ›

iblazr External LED Flash For All iDevices

On-camera flash is usually a terrible idea (with just two – maybe three – exceptions I can think of). It lights up your subject, sure, but it totally kills the mood that made you want to take a photo in the dark in the first place. But if you’re a fan of shiny, overexposed faces, […]

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Southwest Airlines Now Has Free In-Flight TV For iDevices Courtesy Of DISH

Southwest-Airlines-logoSouthwest Airlines announced today that it has partnered with DISH to offer free in-flight TV on all of its Wifi equipped planes. The free tv service launches today and is available to fliers with an iPad, iPhone, or almost any other smartphone or tablet. The new ‘TV Flies Free’ program will be available on more than 400 […]

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IOGear Dock: Share Any Old Wired Keyboard With All Your iDevices Via Bluetooth

Do you wish you could get in on this whole one-keyboard-switching-between-multiple-devices game, only you’re wedded to some crazy old clackety keyboard that only connects via cable? Then I have good news! IOGear has a new widget that’ll hook everything up.

It’s called the Bluetooth Desktop Dock, the kind of straight-talking name an old-fashioned type like you will appreciate. You plug your USB keyboard and mouse into the appropriate holes, and then  [Read More…]

Bad Elf Dongle Adds GPS To Non-Cellular iDevices

Neat. This $ 99 dongle adds GPS to your Wi-Fi-only iDevices.

Bad Elf is the first Apple approved, direct connect GPS accessory for the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. The Bad Elf delivers high performance location awareness through a 66 Channel, 10 Hz capable, WAAS compatible (SBAS/EGNOS/MSAS) GPS receiver.

The Bad Elf GPS feeds latitude, longitude, altitude, heading, speed and universal time into Apple’s Core Location Services for any GPS enabled app to  [Read More…]

Tiny WiFi Packetta Shares Files With iDevices And PCs

The promise is simple: Take a small box, stuff in some flash memory and a Wi-Fi radio, and make the contents of that flash storage available to any device on the network via a web browser.

That’s the Packetta from King Jim – a USB dongle which would be just about ideal were it not for a few deficiencies.

The Packetta comes in 8GB and 16GB sizes, and is powered by USB (no battery).  [Read More…]

Apple’s Lightning Connector Can Adapt To Different iDevices And Assign Pin Fuctions

Apple’s new Lightning connector is freaking teeny tiny and incredibly awesome. Apple managed to shrink the connector down to just eight contact pins and give it the ability to insert it in either orientation. While some users may have wished for Apple to use micro-USB, the Lightning connector is full of amazing little pieces of tech that make it a lot better than other options.

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iDevices Popular in Iran, Where They Aren’t Legally Sold

Just how popular are iPhones and iPads? They’re even big sellers in places where they aren’t legally sold. According to a new report published Friday, more than one hundred retail outlets in the nation of Iran – where strict U.S. sanctions prohibit U.S. computer products from entering the country – now sell iPhones, iPads, iPods, and even Apple computers out in the open. In fact, many of these stores blatantly and gratuitously advertise the availability  [Read More…]

New Cydia Application Allows Siri On Older iDevices – No Proxy Needed

Two newfangled applications have surfaced in the Cydia store today that permit you to link an iDevice deprived of Siri to an iPhone 4S to use Siri on that older iDevice. The big catch is that you need a jailbroken iPhone 4S, whether it is yours or not. The proxy server method does not necessitate an iPhone 4S because only the owner of the proxy server needs the iPhone 4S keys. In most cases, we  [Read More…]