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Ignore Accidental Touch Bar Input with Bar None for MacBook Pro

Do you accidentally touch the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro and trigger an action without meaning to? Then a free little third party app called Bar None may be what you’re looking for. One of the complaints about the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro is how easy it is to accidentally trigger input. For example, … Read More

Pro Tip: How to get iTunes to ignore iPhone while charging

Sometimes you just want to plug your iPhone into your Mac without having to deal with all that iTunes stuff, like synchronizing or backing up. Or, maybe a friend of yours needs to sip off your Macbook’s power and you don’t want to have iTunes sync their iPhone. Either way, you can eject the connected […]

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iPad giveaway prank proves you shouldn’t ignore Terms and Conditions

Despite the fact that they frequently contain things we should be concerned about, it’s rare that we pay much (if any) attention to exactly what we’re agreeing to when we hit “Accept” on the Terms & Conditions section of some new app we’ve downloaded. However, a fun viral video by YouTube prankster Jena Kingsley shows why […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Your iPhone 6 could commit suicide if you ignore it

The iPhone 6′s sleek design is undeniably sexy, but the big glass display and those sexy curved edges can cause problems if you leave your phone sitting on a smooth surface. If you’re not careful, you could find your iPhone…Read more ›

Ignore Jay-Z more with new Twitter mute button

If silence is golden then Twitter’s new mute feature is like King Midas, turning every annoying miscreant and troll in your feed into an unseeable nothing. The new mute feature is rolling out today for people who use Twitter on…Read more ›

New Nokia Ad Claims iPad Users Ignore Their Dogs

Nokia has taken aim at the iPad before. Just last month, we reported on a somewhat Freudian ad for the Lumia 2520 which showed a male iPad user unable to connect with the fairer sex because of the “shortcomings” of…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Ignore Unwanted Or Unknown Calls To Your iPhone More Easily [iOS Tips]

Do Not CallNow here’s a slick little trick fresh off the boat from those wacky folks at Macworld that will have you wondering, “why didn’t I think of that?” You know how you get tons of calls each week or month that are from solicitors, political pollsters, and that weird uncle who will just not leave you […]

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Ignore The Mouse: Enable And Use Full Keyboard Access On Your Mac [OS X Tips]


Mac OS X is full of great accessibility features to help those with differing abilities access their Macintosh, whether they have visual, hearing, or motor challenges. One feature, Full Keyboard Access, is set for those who can’t use the mouse reliably. You can use it, too, if you just want to keep your hands on the keyboard, focused on the task at hand.

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Double Music Lets Teens Ignore Each Other, Even While They Share A Pair Of Earbuds

There isn’t a much sadder sight in the modern urban landscape than a pair of friends walking together, both isolated by their own music playing on their own headphones. Why even bother meeting your friend i all you’re going to do is ignore each other?

Now, it gets a little better – and quite a lot cuter – when those friends share one pair of earbuds, maybe to listen to the same  [Read More…]

Force Spotlight to Ignore Folders & Files with a “.noindex” Naming Extension

Spotlight is the core of Mac OS X’s Search functionality, and if you want Spotlight to ignore a file, folder, or drive, the traditionally recommended advice is to drag the items to exclude from indexation into the Spotlight system preference panel exclusion list. That’s the recommended approach because it’s simple to use and easy to manage, but there is another way that utilizes a naming extension to force Spotlight to ignore any given document or directory.

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