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iHealth Gateway makes it easier to monitor grandma’s diabetes

LAS VEGAS — Monitoring diabetes can be a pain (literally). Keeping track of your loved one’s diabetes is even harder, especially if you’re trying to ensure your tech-illiterate granny’s blood-sugar levels aren’t spiking. Now you’ll finally be able to monitor…Read more ›

Best deals of the week: Limefuel LP200X, IDrive, AViiQ buds, Linux Bundle, iHealth, more [Deals]

Cult of Mac Deals has a goal of bringing you the tech and related products you want and need at rock bottom prices. Today we feature six great products whose value is extraordinarily high and we want to make sure…Read more ›

Get fit and save big with The iHealth wireless activity and sleep tracker [Deals]

You’ve had the turkey with all the fixings.  You went back for seconds and, perhaps, even thirds. Then you had dessert. At Thanksgiving, the food is all so good, you can’t help but to indulge a little bit. Now that…Read more ›

iHealth HS3 Wireless Bluetooth Scale: Down to the Bare Bones [Review, Fitness Special]

Out of the box, the iHealth HS3 Wireless Bluetooth Scale ($ 70) is somewhat impressive. With its digital (albeit not backlit) display and snazzy looking-glass top, this is a scale that will at least look spiffy in your bathroom when company is over. Even in the box, the scale makes a good case for gadget adoption: It promises to keep track of your weight, calories and exercise easily using only  [Read More…]

iHealth Brings a Virtual Doctors Office to Your iDevice

I was just speaking with another reviewer here about how surprisingly common it is for manufacturers to copy each others designs. To port an entire line of products, though, is a little more unusual: iHealth has just announced an app-enhanced digital scale, blood pressure monitor and baby monitor that mirrors Withings entire lineup, gadget for gadget. The first of the trio is the iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor, available now through  [Read More…]