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Report: iOS 8 will be ‘Made for iHome,’ offer universal remote functionality for smart devices

For many of us, our iPhones are already the most-used remote controls in our entire house. But come June’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple’s ready to make that official. A new report says the company is planning a platform that would…Read more ›

iHome Unveils Bluetooth Headphones And A Blinker-Earphone Combo For After-Hour Fitness Buffs

If Cult of Mac ever created an award for “Most Prolific i-Gadget Maker,” there’s little doubt it would eventually end up in a cabinet at iHome’s headquarters (or possibly more accurately in a cabinet at their parent company, SDI technologies,…Read more ›    [Read More…]

iHome Adds Lightning To Hotel Favorite iDL45 Dock

If you stayed in any but the most flea-bitten of hotels in the last few years, you will have seen an iHome dock on the nightstand, ready to be mostly ignored until you need a place to charge your iPhone at night.

And as you eyed the clock/radio/speaker you may have chuckled to yourself and muttered something about the poor hotel owner, who just wasted like tens of thousands of dollars on  [Read More…]

iHome Ends The Bluetooth Speaker Drought With Four New Models


iHome iBT24


Yeah, that’s a bit of sarcasm up there in the hed; there’s obviously no lack of choice regarding Bluetooth speakers. This year’s CES exploded with Bluetooth, and it doesn’t seem a day goes by that a manufacturer doesn’t release another model.

iHome is more about, well, more; so instead of releasing one, they’ve released four.

Three of the colorful Bluetooth boxes are available now: The bare-bones, cube-like iBT16 ($  [Read More…]

Made For iHome: Why Home Automation Is Apple’s Next Big Thing [CES 2013 Preview]


CES 2013, the world’s biggest cornucopia of cutting-edge gadgetry, kicks off in Las Vegas in under a week, and as always, Cult of Mac’s team of writers will be at all the booths, announcements and parties that matter, getting you the scoop on what’s coming up in the world of tech.

There’s a lot for any Apple fan to get excited about in the run-up to CES, but this year, we  [Read More…]

iHome iW1 Is A Great AirPlay Speaker System, But Lacks Some Polish [Review]

AirPlay speaker systems are finally hitting the market in droves, but most of the ones weve come across cost more than a new iPad. As much as I love lusting over thedevilishlygood looks of higher end speaker systems, I dont like forking over a ton of cash for a speakers even if they do come with AirPlay support. iHomes iW1 sets out to become the wireless  [Read More…]

Just Shipped: Neato Speakerphone-Equipped Bluetooth Travel Speakers for iPad From iHome

We think this is pretty cool the iHome iDM15 ($ 99) is a set of Bluetooth-equipped stereo speakers that include a microphone so they can be used as a speakerphone. The speakers unpack from a case that turns into a stand for your iPad and, and theyre equipped with rechargeable batteries. Theres even a call button to answer calls. Seems like a great travel accessory if those elfin  [Read More…]

These New iHome Earphones Come With a Fitness Coach

Presumably for those without an iPhone and its wealth of app-based fitness options, iHome has partnered with New Balance to offer a set of earphones packed with workout features, including a pedometer and a heart-rate monitor. The NB639 earphones are $ 99 and also comes with a voiceover thatll announce calories burned, heart rate and distance. The unit syncs with bundled software that can analyze data recorded during your workout;  [Read More…]

Hot New iHome iW1 Dock Joins the AirPlay Party

Everyone seems to want some AirPlay action. The newest dock crash onto the stage is this AirPlay-equipped, sleek-looking monolith from iHome, the iW1 ($ 300). Like the iP1 we reviewed almost two years ago, the iW1 boasts enhanced Bongiovi DPS technology; unlike the iP1, this dock is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery but no actual physical dock, which is the direction these units seem to be heading in.  [Read More…]