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Bringing imaginary cities to life with the iPad

Matthew Watkins has brought iPad finger paintings into the real world in more formats than any other artist we know. His digital artwork has made the leap into the tangible on carpets, cars, plexiglass and the more usual prints, videos,…Read more ›

This 24 Karat Unibody MacBook Pro Could Have Been Designed By Jonny Iveís Imaginary Pimp Brother [Gallery]

So what we have here is a MacBook Pro slathered in so much 24 karat gold and multi-colored sapphire encrustation that youíd think it was a rapperís bridgework. In fact, the guys over at Computer Choppers took this whole crazy idea so far that they even gold-plated the keyboard. You know what they say: one manís bling is another manís vomitsome eyesore. Check out more pictures after the jump.    [Read More…]