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Classified thermal imaging and night vision goodies land on eBay

If you search long enough, you can find anything on eBay and Craigslist. That includes lost expensive military equipment that helps soldiers find roadside bombs. The Intercept, an investigative reporting website founded by Glenn Greenwald, obtained a Navy intelligence document…Read more ›

Itseez3D gives your iPad camera 3-D imaging superpowers

3-D scanning is set to get a whole lot more user-friendly, thanks to a new app from visual technology company Itseez. Called Itseez3D, the just-launched free iPad app works with the $ 499 Occipital Structure sensor, which launched on Kickstarter in…Read more ›

Kodak Sues Apple And HTC For Violating Digital Imaging Patents

Eastman Kodak has announced its plans to sue Apple and HTC for violating several of its patents relating to digital imaging. The once-profitable camera company claims that Apple’s iOS devices and HTC’s smartphones infringe on Kodak patents for transmitting images digitally and between devices. “As we have stated before, Kodak is the leader in digital imaging innovation and we have invested hundreds of millions of dollars creating our  [Read More…]