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Apple could find itself facing a class action lawsuit over the loss of “countless” text messages, courtesy of its iMessage service. California resident Adrienne Moore filed a case against Apple back in May this year, saying that she missed out… Read more ›

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do in my car (as I drive to and fro taking my kids to and from school, music lessons, and soccer practice) is to read my emails and text messages. But taking…

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Apple has assured iMessage users that it does not have easy access to the messages sent through its servers and that it has no desire to read them anyway. The statement comes after security researchers at QuarksLab claimed the Cupertino…

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Probably a spoofing attempt to get your iTunes ID.Good thing you listened to us this morning when we posted about a new Google Play app that seemed to let you send Apple iMessages via an Android app. When something seems to good to be true, it usually is. In this instance, Google agrees, and has pulled the app from the Google Play Store […]

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Reply To iMessagesOf course you know already that you can send iMessages to your iOS or OS X using friends and family via the Notification Center, because we told you that a while ago. Did you know, however, that you can reply to iMessages sent to you in that very same Notification Center? If not, read on […]

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iOS7textexpander  We all have at least one friend who is just verbose as hell on iMessage. Like, dude just doesn’t get the fact that you don’t want to read a novella about how the Chipotle burrito roller lady ripped his tortilla twice, so he sends his 1852 character rant to you like it’s an honor […]

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See Timestamps For iMessages In iOS 7 Beta [iOS Tips]

Messages Timestamp iOS 7 betaIn previous versions of iOS, the date and time stamps of iMessages you sent and received were printed right in the app, above the iMessages they pertained to. Not so in iOS 7, with only a date stamp showing up at the top of each segment of messages that come in on a particular day. […]

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Notification Center To MessagesOne of the coolest things about Messages is the cross-device functionality, in that you can send messages to and from your Mac and your iOS devices. I use it while at work to chat with folks who text me from their iPhone; it’s a really handy way to avoid using a tiny screen while at […]

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Software update Mac users can now update to OS X 10.8.4. The software update includes a new version of Safari versioned as 6.0.5, but otherwise focuses primarily on bug fixes.

The most notable bug resolution resolves the problem for when iMessages displayed some messages out of order of when they were sent and received, which has been a substantial complaint for many Mac users who use the messaging service to communicate. Other  [Read More…]

Mastering iMessages On Your iPhone [Feature]


iMessages have taken the iOS world by storm, offering multi-device messaging services that go across the internet, rather than the SMS systems of your cell phone provider. For those who pay per SMS message, this is great news, and for the rest of us it’s still, well, great news.

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