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How to import your Spotify playlists to Apple Music

The best feature about Apple Music has to be the incredible playlists the app builds for you based on your music tastes. But if you’ve been using Spotify for the past few years, you’ve probably got a lot of carefully… Read more ›

  Everpix’s servers are probably going to hate this, but users will love it. Picturelife (my favorite of the Everpix alternatives I tested, has made an Everpix-to-Picturelife importer. If you received a link to your Everpix archive, you can just…

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The U.S. government has no love for Samsung after the Korean company requested that President Obama veto a sales import ban that had been placed on some of its older products. Back in August, the ITC ruled in favor of Apple and placed a ban on several Samsung phones and tablets that infringe on Apple’s […]

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foxconn-iphone_large_verge_medium_landscapeThe iPhone 5c is supposed to be Apple’s breakthrough device for the Chinese market – though we’ve heard they’re crazy for gold – so to make the import process quicker and cheaper Apple plans to ship iPhones from supplier Foxconn’s factory directly to China. Apple has already been working with China’s customs authorities to set […]

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instagram41Instagram just pushed out a big update for its iOS and Android apps which gives users the ability to import video from their smartphone libraries into Instagram. Now you can film video at any time and then splice it together later into a 15-second video to import into Instagram. The update also brings video support […]

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Every time I’m about to rich Evernote, something like Lightly comes along to stop me. Lightly is an iPhone app from Ignition Soft, who you may know from such awesome iOS apps as Everclip and Everclip HD, and it lets you clip and highlight parts of a webpage, and save them to your Evernote account. […]

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iPhone-4-iPad-2Apple has asked the International Trade Commission to postpone an import ban on the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2 while a court considers its appeal. The ban is set to go into affect on August 5 — just under four weeks away — but Apple has argued that it will “sweep away an entire segment of […]

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Lytro, makers of the crazy Light Field camera that will let you refocus an image after it’s taken, is bringing its incredible editing powers to the iPhone and iPad.

This afternoon Lytro released a new iOS app that can connect to Lytro camera to import images, edit them, and then share to Twitter or Facebook. Wait, you didn’t know the Lytro had Wifi capabilities? Yep, Lytro kept it a secret from  [Read More…]


As an Evernote junkie and web-searcher, I use Evernote Web Clipper on my Mac, like, all the time. When I come across a great website, story, or even just some text on a page, I clip it right to Evernote, and then have the clipped notes with me on any platform, whether on the go with an iPad, iPhone, or at home on my Mac.

I’ve long wished for a way to  [Read More…]

KitCam has quickly become one of my favorite photography apps for the iPhone — featuring in last week’s must-have apps roundup — and it has just been updated to add a number of handy features. In addition to photo importing from the camera roll, KitCam now has a time lapse timer, and better zoom functionality.

KitCam now allows you to import photos from your albums and camera roll, allowing you to take  [Read More…]