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Apple Runs “Test the Impossible” Mac Commercial [Video]

Apple is running a new television commercial for the Mac, featuring various people using Mac laptops in a variety of settings for music, programming, art, design, and more. The video is airing on television and online now, and has also been embedded below for easy viewing. The advertisement is called “Test the Impossible” and is … Read More

Our Facebook page has been hacked, and it’s impossible to get it back

Much to our horror, Cult of Mac’s Facebook page got hacked Monday and turned into a spam site. The hackers have locked us out and we’re finding it impossible to regain control. We’re trying desperately to contact Facebook, but the…Read more ›

VERT sensor wants to do the impossible – teach white men how to jump

LAS VEGAS — I love basketball, but I have a weakness — I can’t jump. I’ve hit the gym. I’ve tried jumping exercises. None of it has worked, but a new fitness sensor called VERT might be the first wearable…Read more ›

You’ll love playing The Impossible Room but you will never beat it

Though he’s toyed with escape games for years, Turkish developer Maruf Nebil didn’t get hooked on the genre until 100 Floors hit the App Store in 2012. When The Room Two upped the ante with gorgeous 3-D environments a year…Read more ›

It’s nearly impossible to spy on iPhones, according to top surveillance firm

iOS has always been more secure than Android, and new information that’s leaked out of one of the world’s leading surveillance companies reiterates that fact. The Gamma Group has a piece of spyware called FinSpy that can hook into just…Read more ›

Lost iPhone’s impossible journey starts in Oklahoma grain silo, ends in Japan

If you’re anything like me, losing your iPhone is nearly a weekly occurrence. Kevin Whitney has the same problem, except when the Oklahoma farmer lost his iPhone it traveled halfway across the world. Whitney accidentally dropped his iPhone into a grain…Read more ›

It’s impossible to upgrade the entry-level iMac’s 8GB of RAM

If you plan on buying one of Apple’s new 21.5-inch iMacs for $ 1,099 and then upgrading internal components yourself later on, then listen up. Upgrade experts OWC have torn down the new entry-level all-in-one and discovered that its memory is soldered…Read more ›

Apple makes it impossible to get updates for refunded apps

Apple has made a slight but also important update to the way the App Store handles apps that have been refunded by developers to customers. While you used to be able to request a refund for a paid app and…Read more ›

Boredom Is Impossible In The Intense New Game Unpossible [Video Review]

Enter another dimension in the new app Unpossible. Dodge all incoming obstacles as you use tilt or touch controls running your way along a 3D pipeline. Avoid hitting obstacles at all costs as speeds increase and obstacles get harder to…Read more ›

Stickman Impossible Run Is An Addicting New iOS Challenge [Video Review]

While many apps in the app store claim to have impossible gameplay, only some present true gamers a real challenge. The app Stickman Impossible Run is an endless runner that boasts tons of tough difficulty modes. Tap to help the…Read more ›