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Vintage-style lens makes impression with its dreamy bokeh

A photo editor friend of mine will often say, “It’s getting harder and harder to make a bad picture.” It sounds absurd but he is partially referring to technology and how it can remove some of the thinking from photography.…

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iPhone 5: How Can Apple Possibly Top This? [First Impression]

Holy crap.

Every review of the iPhone 5 makes great efforts to talk about how light it is. I’ve read those reviews over and over again since Tuesday. Even so, when taking my iPhone 5 out of the box for the first time, I so misjudged the weight that it went flying from my fingers and onto the floor. This is lightness to the point of ephemerability. It’s so hard to believe,  [Read More…]

AT&T, T-Mobile Merger Would Shift Ad Impression Dominance Away from Verizon

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Shortly after AT&T announced its intention to purchase T-Mobile last weekend for $ 39 billion, the people at InMobi, the world?s largest independent mobile advertising network, decided to embark on an interesting homework assignment of sorts. The goal? To study the effect of the pending deal on consumer ad impressions in the United States.

Subsequently, InMobi took a close look at its five billion monthly ad requests  [Read More…]