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Apple wins at last: iTunes DRM was ‘genuine improvement,’ jury finds

The verdict is in, and after nearly a decade of legal wrangling, Apple has prevailed in the class-action lawsuit seeking over $ 1 billion in damages by iPod owners who claimed the company conspired to kill competing music services by adding restrictions…Read more ›

Mastering The iPhone To Become A Better Lover: Self Improvement [iOS Tips]

Checking in for motivation!

Let’s face it, even if you focus on your relationship, dress better, learn how to cook, and practice better grooming habits, the only person you’ll always be in a relationship with is you. In fact, you will be a better person to be around if you take the time to work on your self, first and foremost.

That doesn’t mean you need to eschew all relationships until you  [Read More…]

Kicked Out Of iOS 6, Google Releases Official YouTube App. Its A Vast Improvement

With iOS 6, Apple’s dumping YouTube from the built-in app suite, but that’s okay, because the YouTube app has sucked for years. Why? Because Apple made the app, and they didn’t care about YouTube, especially after Google started competing directly with Apple using Android… which happened almost immediately after the original iPhone was released. That means that the current YouTube app shipping on every iOS device is more-or-less the same one  [Read More…]